75 Top Persuasive Speech Topics Ideas

Every writer who tends to perform an excellent persuasive speech must think about a good topic in advance. Moreover, since every speech needs to engage, inform and also persuade the audience, the process of topic selection remains a very important procedure. We provide useful tips and guides on how to choose a proper topic and perform a great persuasive speech.

The Meaning of Persuasive Speech

The persuasive speech has the list of features which includes information providing, educational feature, and motivation. The main idea of the speech is to persuade the audience to share your point of view. Definitely, the best speeches are attention-grabbing, adventurous and inspired. In addition, it is crucial to provide a clear opinion and sound very knowledgeable when presenting a persuasive speech. You must provide enough evidence to support your key arguments and be able to discuss every argumentative essay topics with your audience.

How to Select a Proper Topic?

There are many factors you should focus on when selecting a persuasive speech topic.


It is better to choose the topic that you are familiar with and have enough knowledge to prepare an excellent speech.


It is great when you are interested in what you are telling about the audience. Besides, you need numerous researches to be conducted for your speech, thus when dealing with an interesting topic, it will be easier to prepare all the analyses and calculate the research results.

The Audience Concern

You need to write my essay or pick up the topic your audience will be interested in and which makes your listeners intrigued. You always need to pay enough attention to your target audience when preparing a persuasive speech.


You need to provide an impressive description of the topic revealed, thus choose the one of which you can provide a great visualization in order to persuade an audience.

Excessively Common Topic

There is no need to prepare a speech by using the topic people have heard about many times already. It is better to focus on the topic that has not been revealed in materials and speeches often. In the same time, you can pick up a popular topic, but only in a case, you have something new and important to say.

Emotional Subjects

It is great to describe the topic using various emotional concepts since it allows persuading the audience better. The emotional element is important in persuasive speech.


The audience will be glad to hear about the problems that occur within their local society. Therefore, choose your relevant research paper topic, which can bring increased attention of people. You can look through the recent local news to select the familiar topic.

Wanted Result

You must be aware of what you are encouraging your audience to do, thus choose the topic that meets your craved results.

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