Academic Writing

Gather All Study Material

The day before the exam is the busiest in the whole month. On that day, usually, you go out several times to get some fresh air, listen to your favorite albums, and find out how things are with friends. The whole day passes in these activities, and in general, the students do everything to delay […]

Study Essays of Other Authors

Writing an essay and get promoted with an A grade is the dream of many students. But many universities in UK are giving good grades to students; people say that the universities have gone softer in their grading. However, after this allegation, universities may revise their grading structure which means students will have to put […]

Features of Academic Writing:

Each work has a specific genre, manner, and presentation rules. Regardless of what type of work you have to write, it is important to study the academic style features thoroughly. Today we will tell you more about this genre. Features of Academic Writing: If emotions, fuzziness, and spatiality are acceptable in fiction, then scientific research […]

Motivate Yourself

A student’s life is never easy. But there is no harm in enjoying this time of your life to the fullest. Yes, you should enjoy it and still manage to prepare for university studies. Here are some tips you need to follow for managing the studies part. Motivate Yourself Make A List Of Reasons Why […]

Use Social Network

Like a rollercoaster ride a student’s life is; thrilling, exciting, contain fear, and full of joy. Sometimes there is the stress of exams, while on the other hand there is a huge list of expenses. So how to make studying an enjoyable process, avoid problems during the session, and grab all opportunities. Exams, assignments, and […]

Main Responsibilities

In order to adequately write or defend a master’s or bachelor’s dissertation, it is important to make the right choice of choosing a supervisor. The supervisor plays an important role in encouraging and helping a student in the right direction without doing scientific work himself. If you are unable to find the right supervisor, there […]

6 Main Elements of an Essay

The essay is one of the key components of the academic preparation of university students. Therefore, everyone who will enter the university must have a thorough understanding of HOW this genre works. A modern essay is a short text that focuses on some important and socially significant problems. An important distinctive feature of the essay […]

What Can You Find On Google Scholar?

When writing scientific articles, dissertations, and other research projects, the students are obliged to rely only on reliable and relevant works. In 90% of cases, such projects include scientific research.  Writing and assembling data for these projects are lengthy procedures. Not every student knows where to quickly find high-quality research papers on a chosen topic. […]

Tips To Prepare Lecture Notes

It doesn’t matter if you are in school, university or have already completed your studies – the skills of quick note-taking will always come in handy. The main options for taking notes are physical (notebook) and digital (laptop/tablet). Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our advice is to take advantage of both systems. Take […]