Create an Explanatory Essay Step by Step

An explanatory essay is a
common type of paper for both college and university students. Is evaluates
your ability to present and explain some information in a neutral way. Unlike
the argumentative and persuasive essay, this has to convey the data without
focusing on your opinion. Also, it is an informative paper, so you should omit the
dispensable information.

If this is the first time you write an explanatory essay, you have no idea how to deal with it. It may seem easy for you to make the paper informative. However, there are particular requirements you have to follow. In this article, we gathered critical information about the structure and format of the explanatory paper. It also contains the paper guidelines and experts’ recommendations to help you make the essay stronger.

What Is the Concept of an Explanatory Essay?

At first glance, an
explanatory essay is like a descriptive paper, as it describes an object or
process. However, not all so simple. This is an informative type of paper, the
purpose of which is to describe the process, compare it with another, and
explain the difference. You must be restrained and impassive so as not to
insist on your opinion. Moreover, an explanatory paper should not explain your
position and ideas on solving the problem at all.

Your goal is to provide
readers with all the required information to let them draw conclusions. Even if
you have some strong ideas on how to solve the issue, you have to keep it to
yourself. Since it is a formal type of paper, you should follow all the
requirements you are provided with. Our guide is to let you choose the proper
structure and essay format. It is also advantageous if you are required to
write an expository paper.

We will touch on points
such as an outline structure, ideas for your essay introduction, and tips to
help you improve the paper. It is never superfluous to know more than you have

Explanatory Essay Plan and Structure

The first problem you bump
into is the essay structure. You have to plan your paper before you start
writing so that you can avoid typical mistakes. It is important to know what
elements and parts are critical and what information you should put there. We
recommend creating an essay outline to plan your paper and mention the
necessary elements.

An outline is a type of
plan you create for your future essay. It consists of the paper structure,
filling, and ideas for each element. For instance, there you can put argument
examples for the body part of the essay. It helps you keep critical information
in front of your eyes while writing.

Explanatory Paper Outline Template

You will be unique because
of the topic and volume of the essay. However, you need to know the outline
structure and sequence of the elements. Here is an example of the outline for
the explanatory paper:

  1. The topic of the essay. Choose a suitable topic that fits your interests and is relevant to the target audience. Make it bright and accurate so that it does not leave any doubts on what you are writing about.
  2. Introduction. Create a first paragraph, which states your writing purposes and leads a reader to the essence of the paper. Add a hook to interest the audience and gather attention. The last sentence should be a thesis statement, which is to state the main messages of the essay.
  3. Body part. You are likely to use a 3-paragraph body structure, with one argument for each paragraph. Each argument is a message of your essay, so pick up strong evidence to strengthen it. The last sentence of each body paragraph should be concluding and make a slight transition to the next paragraph.
  4. Conclusion. Summarize the messages from the paper and draw a conclusion. Rephrase your thesis statement to refer to the main message.

How to write an outline?

Sometimes you read a
step-by-step guide, but it cannot help you because you are stuck on the first
stage. When it comes to outline, you should not only know its structure but
also how to write it properly. Here are some ideas to help you make an accurate

  • Use brainstorming. That is how you can pick up the right topic
    or create a thesis statement. Forget about everything else and write down
    all the ideas, which come to your mind. Take your time to create a strong
    hook and thesis.
  • Browse through the
     You should make
    sure there are enough credible sources you can use. Find some nice
    explanatory essay examples and focus on their structure. Make notes in
    order not to lose important information.
  • Use a template. There are a lot of good outline templates
    on the Internet, including the one we placed in the article. Make a draft
    and show it to your teacher to make sure it is a proper one.

Explanatory Essay Writing Process from A to Z

Before you start writing a paper, it is extremely important to know each step of the essay creating process. The thing is that half the time you spend on essay writing is devoted to research, analysis, and organizational moments. However, if you save on such steps, you will have a lot of problems during the writing itself.

Here is a list of steps you
should take to create a high-quality explanatory paper. Follow them consistently
and pay enough attention to each step.

  1. Preparation. Write down all the requirements and guidelines for the paper. If you are not provided with the essay topic, use brainstorming to pick up a few suitable variants.
  2. Research. Browse through the Internet to find a few credible sources. Pick up strong evidence and facts that support your words. Learn each side of the argument and make notes to mention it in the paper.
  3. Draft and outline. Write an outline and put the critical elements there. Compose an essay structure following our example. Check it out to notice what elements are missing.
  4. Writing process. Start writing the essay, following the structure you have made up. Complete the paper step by step to include each element.
  5. Editing and proofreading. Check the paper two times to exclude some possible errors. However, you cannot make the essay perfect because you get used to the text. Consider asking for help from your supervisor or relative.

If you are not sure what
format or style to choose, as well as how to check the paper, use our online
writing and editing service. Let the expert edit your essay so that it will
look professional.

Expert Advice to Improve the Quality of Your Essay

Following the structure is
not enough to write a high-quality explanatory essay. Yes, you will get an
average grade or even higher. However, some tips can help you improve the
paper. We learned them from top essay experts and decided to place them in this

  • Add a hook to the
     Use a quote of a
    famous scientist, statistics, or rhetorical question to draw the
    audience’s attention. It takes up little space but makes the introduction
  • Place versatile
     Use different
    sources and types of data to support the arguments. Do not let the reader
    get bored by reading only confirmed news or well-known facts. Look for
    some relevant jokes and quotes to dilute the severity of the paper.
  • Follow the logical
     Check the causal
    relationships in the text to exclude possible errors. Make sure your ideas
    are understandable to everybody. Do not use too long or too short
  • Carefully proofread
    the paper.
     Some students
    think it is superfluous to proofread the paper if you have already edited
    it. However, it is no secret that your paper is not perfect without
    proofreading if you have no idea on how to proofread the essay, order
    online proofreading help.

Succeed in Writing Explanatory Essays

Using this guide, you can create a strong explanatory essay from scratch. Take your time to learn each part of the instruction and create an outline. Follow our experts’ tips and your teacher’s recommendations to get a high grade. Remember, it is a formal type of paper and keeps it informative.

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