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From Elementary school to college, essay writing is a common task for every student. While some enjoy doing it, others frown when their teacher gives it as homework. Essay writing is not as difficult as you may picture it to be. Even though you have been coming out with embarrassing grades, you too can craft out a sterling essay that will wow your instructor. Yes! It is attainable; all you need to know is the mistakes to avoid and how to write down your ideas in an organized and precise manner.

Ecotourism is low impact travel, ”green travel”, or responsible travel to often undisturbed and endangered locations. It is different than traditional forms of tourism as it allows people to become more educated about the natural areas they are visiting. Travelers can become more education in terms of cultural notions, physical landscape, and often provides money for conservation and benefits the the economic development of a particular area.

Writing an essay on ecotourism boast multiple paths you may take. You may write about the impact of ecotourism on the planet, differences between traditional travel and green travel, or simply the rewards that come for local communities during responsible travel.

The most important thing about ecotourism is awareness from the tourist. Any form of travel can be ecological when tourists are aware of their impact both on the local people and on the nature. In essence, tourists should try to do as little damage as possible by having an appreciation attitude that can often lead him or her enjoying his experience and impacting the environment as less as possible.

Data released by the ICAO shows that the number of air departures across the planet increased tremendously in recent years. Airlines have transported in 2018 a total of 4.3 billion passengers. All these people emit huge quantities of CO2 indirectly and put great pressure on the environment. This fact alone can be the backbone of any essay as there are countless arguments that can be used in the discussion.

As a student, do you know the meaning of an Essay? Do you see it as a way teachers make their student suffer? Well, the word essay was gotten from “exagium” – a Latin word which means to present one’s case. So an essay is a piece of writing that shows a person side of view of an argument or story. However, writing about ecotourism requires you to adapt.

There are two types of essay – Formal and Informal. Formal essays are academic and deal on serious issues/ topics, while Informal essay is humorous and more personal. A formal essay is the most common type of essay in high school and college student. This kind of essay focus on pressing issues like Global warming, Abortion, Sexual Harassment, Racism, etc. When dealing with this kind of topics, it is easy to go astray and let your emotions come in, which is the first step to a mediocre essay. In recent time one of the most common topic students writes an essay about is ecotourism. For starters writing an essay about ecotourism can be very daunting, especially if you have zero ideas on what ecotourism is all about. If you have no idea about the topic, then your essay will be pointless.

Ecotourism is viewed as the ideal solution to preserve ecosystem globally and at the same time providing a source of income for locals residing in the area in and around them. However, there are tons of debates on whether ecotourism is truly sustainable or not. To write a good essay about ecotourism, you will need to assess the good and the bad side of ecotourism. Having sound knowledge of ecotourism is the first step to a good ecotourism essay. Ecotourism comes with advantages and disadvantages, so knowing about it will put you in a better position when writing a for and against essay about ecotourism.

Information is very crucial if you want to have good grades in your ecotourism essay. With information, you will be able to present the pros and cons of ecotourism by discussing objectively and in equal detail, which is very important for a for and against essay about ecotourism. To get information for your essay on ecotourism, you can read books that related to ecotourism and read about it on the internet. When reading info about ecotourism from the net, make sure your sources are reputable because you will be supporting your argument with facts.

Writing a good essay on ecotourism is a skill that takes practice and time to develop. Even though you have some solid argument and good vocabulary, if you cannot write them down in a well-structured and precise manner, your grades won’t be good. To help you write a good ecotourism essay, here are some mistakes you need to avoid.

Poor structuring

One of the most common mistakes students when writing an essay on ecotourism is poor structuring. The proper structure for an ecotourism essay is that the writer should begin with an introductory paragraph in which he clearly states the topic to be discussed. In this section, the writer should not give any opinion. After doing that, you will move to the main body. Your main body should carry the points for your for and against essay along with justification, reasons, evidence, examples which should be presented in different paragraphs. Lastly, you will write a closing paragraph in which you will state your opinion or give a balanced consideration of the topic.

Being too broad

Many students make the mistake of attempting to write a topic widely, thus making the essay too broad. Most times, the primary cause of this mistake is as a result of poor planning. Failing to plan how to write your essay will undoubtedly lead to failure. Some students get themselves involved in a lot of activities like social media, which make them fail to plan for their essay. Planning gives you a head start. It makes you know what you are writing about, how you will write and why you are writing it. Failing to plan will make the structure of your essay to be too broad, which may make your writing pointless. A good essay for ecotourism is clear and goes along with the thesis statement.

No thesis statement

Most times, when writing an academic essay, you will be instructed to come up with a thesis statement. Your thesis is the anchor of your essay: it is a precise outline of your essay. A thesis statement allows whoever is reading your essay know the main topic and points you are discussing in the essay. A thesis statement is essential, and you need to stick to it throughout the essay.

Using slangs

Often when writing informal essays like “How I spent my last holiday” or “My favorite food,” it is acceptable to use non-standard English. However, slangs and colloquial terms are unacceptable in formal/academic essays. For example, if you were assigned to write on a topic like “Ecotourism a two-sided coin” avoid using slangs. Making use of slangs can ruin your whole essay even though your points are precise, arguments are supported with facts, and your essay is well-structured.

Using abbreviations

The use of abbreviation has gotten into the veins of so many students that they don’t know when they use it when writing an essay. An academic essay is formal, so avoid using any abbreviations.

Using unreliable sources

When it comes to finding information, so many students these days depend on the net over books. With search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the likes you can search for any information you need for your ecotourism essay within a twinkle of an eye. The internet has tons of information available, but you need to be extra careful when using it. Not every information on the internet is genuine. Always check the websites if it is a reputable one and double check the facts you get from the net.


Apart from writing out of context, one thing that can assure an F in your essay for ecotourism is a copy and paste work. Whenever you are assigned an essay assignment, never get tempted to plagiarize. Plagiarism is a great offense and a crystal clear sign of laziness. Some students are even unaware they have plagiarism in their essay, which may be as a result of citation mistake or mistake over paraphrasing. Before you submit your essay, ensure all the sources are correctly cited. To be 100% sure you are not submitting plagiarized work, you can run your essay on an online plagiarism checker like

Not proofreading

This is another common mistake many students are guilty of. And when asked, they try to defend themselves by saying, “I was in a hurry.” As a student, your essay writing assignment should be prioritized over anything else. Postpone the weekend hangout with your friends, cancel your appointment with the cinema or any other activity and pay full attention to your essay. Never forget to proofread your essay after all is done. Ecotourism essay writing is sophisticated, so no matter how intelligent or sharp-eyed you are, you might make some spelling, punctuation, or grammar error. Proofreading your essay helps you know whether your essay will be a good read. Give your essay to your friends or parents to go through your essay because there might be error your eyes might have failed to spot.

Failing to research

When it comes to ecotourism essay writing, it is straightforward for a reader to detect if you have not researched your topic correctly. Your ecotourism essay will lack be unclear and lack depth. Take your time to carry out proper research and include accurate information in your essay.

Not reading instructions

Always read the instructions for the essay you are assigned to write on. Consider things like word count, language, and any other instructions. If any is unclear to you, consult your teacher or tutor.

Now you know the mistakes to avoid, here are some tips that can make you write a better ecotourism essay:

Your points should be linked to your questions:

As simple as it may seem, most students find it very difficult to connect the arguments on the subject in their essay. When writing an essay for ecotourism, always have it in mind that your readers need to have a full understanding of the arguments you are making. Also, make sure the arguments are a cohesion with the original question of the essay.

Make use of linking words and phrases:

Linking words/phrases are essential ingredients for essay writing. Linking words and phrases helps to connect the sentences and paragraphs identifying logical relationships between your ideas in your essay. Linking words help you to introduce and develop essential concepts that will form the central theme of your essay on ecotourism. Linking words and phrases are typically used between sentences, between paragraphs and between clauses in a sentence. Linking words/phrases are connecting devices that will help a writer flow from one paragraph to another, from one sentence to another in such a way that whosoever is reading the essay will have a good understanding of what the writer’s ideas. Since everyone has a different perspective about ecotourism, using linking words will help you to put down your thoughts and send them out in a clear and distinctive way.

Your conclusion needs to be brief

The conclusion to your ecotourism essay needs to be succinct, and straight to the point. Bring all your arguments together to make a brief and clear conclusion. Your conclusion should bring satisfaction to your reader so you should always try to make it comprehensible and if possible, round it up on positive tone. When you get to your conclusion, be careful not to be too wordy or beat around the bush.

Start early

Even if your essay is on point, failing to meet the deadline for submission may give you low grades. Whenever you are given an essay writing assignment, start immediately. Do not wait until the deadline is close before you start writing. Starting early gives you enough time to proofread your work, make any improvement, and submit on time.

Writing an ecotourism essay is not as difficult as you may think. A composition for ecotourism is easy to write if your knowledge about it. Many people have a different opinion about ecotourism: while some people view it as a bad idea other see it as a good idea. Always make sure you know the pros and cons of ecotourism before you write. A good for and against essay for ecotourism has separate paragraphs which help to keep the essay neat, organize, and easy to read. Also, when writing an ecotourism essay, avoid stating your opinion at the beginning of your essay. It is best you state your opinion at the end if the question requires it. Avoid repeating arguments, make use of connectors, and provide facts to support your claim. If you can follow these tips wholeheartedly, you will be able to come up with a brilliant ecotourism essay.

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