Figure out How to Create 5 Main Types of Essays

In the learning process, students receive a considerable number of written assignments. One of these is writing an essay of a certain type. The problem is that each species requires separate preparation, and the necessary rules are difficult to find on the Internet. As a result, students turn to essay writing assistance services.

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Main types of essays:
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Depending on your educational institution and specialization, you may receive a task to write a basic or narrower type of paper. However, there 5 types are basic and can be slightly modified in different situations. Most often, teachers give you the task of creating one of the following types of essays:

    • Expository

It is immediately worth noting that this type
causes the most contradictions since it requires special preparation. To write,
the student needs to study the topic in detail and explain the conclusions

    • Narrative

This essay, on the contrary, is a favorite for
many because it looks like a normal story. It includes a story about events and
a story about their impact on your life.

    • Argumentative

Such a paper in many respects resembles a
report or dissertation since it requires a qualitative explanation of one’s
point of view. You need to learn how to work with sources and find credible

    • Compare and contrast

A paper that is created to discuss the
similarities and differences between objects. Usually, two books are selected
to write such an essay, written in one period or a comparison of political
regimes. As experience shows, this task shows the ability of people’s thinking
as best as possible.

    • Descriptive

its simple name, this species requires attention to detail and patience.
Usually, you need to talk about your experience in a particular situation.

The hardest one: an
expository essay

This type
takes all the student’s attention because it is large. Moreover, there are
several subtypes, each of which has its vocation. Those are:

    1. Interpretative.

This paper is similar to the instruction because it consists of an explanation of the steps to achieve the desired result. For example, you need to talk about the transition from manual to machine work or explain the process of a washing machine.

    1. Response.

In this essay, you should uncover the topic using facts or proven theory. However, add selfishness and confidence: the paper should consist of your position and feelings concerning the topic.

    1. Definition.

Despite the unity of name, you should not rewrite postulates or scientific conclusions. Tell us how you understand the topic. If you have the right to choose a topic, do not take complex terminology, but do not dwell on basic issues, such as the country’s economy or medicine.

    1. Analysis.

This type of paper requires you to think critically and analyze an excerpt from a book or magazine. Feel like a scientist and explore the issue in a new way.

  1. Cause and effect.

Choose an item that interests you and think about which events are decisive. For example, identify the causes and effects of Union Consolidation.

Narrative paper

This kind
is most often described as ordinary since even from elementary school we are
used to telling the story of how we spent the summer or talking about what the
situation taught us. In the paper, you need to pay attention to the topic and
power of the sentences, since your task is to make the reader listen to you
from beginning to end. Tell them about how an independent trip changed your
habits or why you decided to become a vegetarian.

Be yourself
and do not use difficult vocabulary. You can consult with your friends and
parents how successful the statement sounds. In the process of writing, do not
forget to relax, so as not to lose inspiration halfway.

Argumentative essay

In this
essay, you should prove yourself as a person who defends a dissertation, so the
argumentative paper may be useful to you in the future. To get started,
identify the key issues to explore. Consider how best to respond to them so as
not to undermine the reader’s trust. Then browse through the Internet to find
credible information which supports your thoughts. Unite personal opinion with
pieces of evidence and that will be it.

Contrast and comparison

Each of us has matching skills, starting from buying cottage cheese in a store and ending with a change of place of residence. Think about your experience: maybe you lived and worked in different countries or adore foreign classics. In this case, you have already thought or even written down the pros and cons of each option.

You should
also think about the audience, whether your reasoning will be useful to the
reader or it will spend his time. When comparing, try to discuss the subject
from different angles. However, it’s better to carefully describe three than to
outline ten questions with a small number of sentences.

Descriptive paper

working with this paper, you should be diligent and attentive. Depending on the
task, you need to make a guide, explain your decision or talk about the pros
and cons of the institution/application. Feel at the presentation of the new
device: focus on the main thing, but do not forget to mention the details.

This type
of essay is eloquent, so do not skimp on phraseologies, idioms, and
comparisons. Avoid bias to give equal attention to every issue. Remember that
you are describing, not exploring: do not delve into the topic so as not to get

Some narrower types of

previous kinds are basic and have a similar structure. It turns out that when
working with one type you understand the basics of another. However, there are
several types of essays that require special attention. They are often used in
specific areas or stages and require careful preparation.

An informative paper

You need to
be a specialist in some matters to create a great essay. Informative paper in
structure resembles descriptive but does not need beautiful sayings and
epithets. In this case, terminology and deeper research are welcome, so get
ready to prove yourself scientifically.

The topic
should be revealed using facts and detailed research, so you need to carefully
select the data. If you are looking for information on the Internet, visit
proven services.

A cultural identity paper

Such a task
can be obtained by both a schoolchild and a senior student. For many years,
immigrants from all over the world have been in America. Therefore, the
authorities are trying to do everything possible so that there are no conflicts
between nations. This type of paper talks about the religion, habits, and
traditions of the nation.

Since the
mission of this paper is to introduce people more closely, do not focus on
personal experience. Imagine that you represent the interests of a group of
people, and you need to highlight their cultural history.

An admission paper

Most often,
graduates of schools or colleges create such paper to enter the university. The
essay is a bit like a resume, as you need to state your strengths and
weaknesses, your desire to learn, and how you use your skills. For example,
entering biotechnology, you can write that you have chosen this college because
of the strong department of chemistry and biology. It is also worth pointing
out how you will use your knowledge in the future.

Such paper
is also needed when applying for a scholarship or grant. Write down why you
want to receive one-time or multiple financial assistance. Do not put pressure
on pity and say that you are poor. On the contrary, turn it into a strong side
and say that some help only strengthens your desire for study.

An analysis paper

This is a
kind of instruction written in the form of an essay. You need to describe a
process step by step so that the reader can complete it without being prepared.
Usually, this task is given to students of technical specialties, since many of
them will be engineers or developers. Thus, even in college, you begin direct
preparation for work.

Types of essays that fit
your background

wants to write a dissertation, being in the first year of college. Each level
of training corresponds to several types of papers in which the student will be
able to reveal their abilities. We have prepared a list of tips to help you
write a quality essay.

Tips for writing a middle
school essay

  1. Choose one of the main types of papers (narrative, descriptive) or try creating an admission paper. When choosing, rely on your abilities and hobbies. Do not take a topic unfamiliar to you, so as not to get stuck in the middle of the paper.
  2. Create an outline in which the ideas for the arguments are written. If you travel a lot, consider the criteria by which you can evaluate your vacation or compare countries.
  3. Ask a friend or relative to give an open assessment of the work. Ask which data is worth adding and which is better not to mention. So you will understand in which direction to develop.

Tips for writing a high
school essay

  1. Choose a more complex type, such as contrast and comparison, argumentative, analytical essay or essay. In addition to the introduction and conclusion, create a body of three paragraphs. This is the optimal size for answering the question.
  2. Follow the sequence of thoughts and the consistency of arguments. Try to create a strong thesis and confirm it in each paragraph.
  3. Think about what subject you like the most and try to write an admission essay. This time imagine that this option is final.

Tips for writing a paper in college

  1. Write an outline in which to create a strong thesis, decisive arguments and a way to develop the topic. If you are given a topic, think about the perspective of the study. Also, note the sample structure: the strongest arguments should be first.
  2. Find evidence of your point of view and think about how to cite sources due to the format. Proofread your paper, focusing on individual parts. Ask your supervisor to check the logical sequence.
  3. Check the work for spelling and grammatical errors. If in doubt about the quality, use the online essay proofreading services. Our experts will quickly and inexpensively adjust the work.
  4. Rehearse your performance in front of family or friends. Avoid categorical and intrusive thoughts: easily present your ideas.

A research paper

Since you
need to include research in each essay, they all have elements of research
work. Moreover, after several introductory tasks, you can get a voluminous work
with a detailed study.

work consists of a page with personal information, an outline, a brief
description and an analysis of the results. The central part has the same
structure as the main types of essays. You also need to add a page with used
materials to avoid plagiarism.

Last words

Our guide
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