High School Research Paper Topics


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Writing a research essay is a really important component of study life, although it may appear difficult. For the bulk of research paper topics for high school, you must complete one research paper as minimum in semester. Because they require a lot of time and effort from students, you can not undervalue these projects. However, don’t allow your work to bring you stress and impact your general studies. Sometimes you are allocated to the subject, but more often you must build a subject yourself. The entire research should be based on or from the subject. You should continue searching to select an exciting subject that demonstrates your greatest skills.

Which Things To Consider When You Choose Your Research Paper Topics For High School

You must determine that it’s neither dull nor battered when selecting your research subject. An exciting creative subject will get the readers attention and keep them to read the full research. But if you can not develop a research yourself, you can get assistance from professionals in creation process. When choosing an suitable subject, there are some things to deal with :

The Areas You Are Interested In

No secret is that if you are not interested in the subject in general and in the theme in particular, you can not compose a research paper. If, on the other side, the subject is connected to your area of interest, you may feel lucky. Exploring the topic and writing about it would be simpler. You might discover some extra resources on the subject or some additional information on your computer. You will definitely speak about it if you appreciate science. You can think the same about writing too.

Topic Must Be Spesific

When choosing an essay subject, you need to make sure that you obviously comprehend everything. If there are any uncertain marks, do not dare to ask about them. If you understand it totally, it would be easier to write a good research paper about that. It is advisable to keep this subject away and simply choose another one if the indistinct problems are still overall. You have to show the readers that you know everything about the subject and not a confused newbie who doesn’t understand what it is.

Be Clear

You must fully understand that you don’t write an essay in description. An precise and thorough work is a research paper that relies on factual information. You can’t attach any hazy writing to the document. The example or mention of other in-depth studies and academic work should be endorsed in your statement.

Be Original

If you are searching information for a historical paper, this recommendation may look boring. What kind of innovation can you talk about on Perl Harbor or the French Revolution? A new strategy, however, can offer you the advantage between other researchers. Another and astonishing viewpoint should tackle the subject. You can even discover the unidentified truths that your fans might wind up with a profound inquiry. This strategy intrigues your readers and will distinguish your research paper.

In preparing for university or professions, high school students create their reading. Teachers therefore assume study documents to be written in a range of types. Most of the high college students compose essays to evaluate a subject or to convince a problem. In additional to this, they are also conducting researches and writing different reports on different topics.


In the essay, secondary school students accept the role of an educated writer who either analyses a subject or tries to convince the reader about a subject. They are often using the formal and academic writing style. The thesis statement or phrase proposing the evaluation or claim of the writer is the basis of any essay. The key testing methods include the use of transitional words and sentences to maintain one tense during the entire period. Terms of transition can either be “on the other side” or related to the preceding phrase and transition the viewer into the next stage. changes like “in addition” or “this way.”


The objective of research is to guarantee that students can assess the value of a reference, according to the prevalent academic norms. In order to reply inquiries or advise on a subject, they must also be able to collect appropriate data. Of course, the Internet is the most common cause of studies for high school students. When a page is being accessed and data can be corroborated by another page or by another origin, you should recognize the objective of this project to assess it. Students should never copy or paste writing in order to prevent random plagiarism; they should instead bring handwritten notes either on flyers or on a research paper.

Research Paper

The capacity of a student to evaluate and pick data, to arrange thoughts and efficiently communicate data to a public is demonstrated when composing research papers. They are also using the official and academic writing style, as with essays, but in research papers, students should determine some key words. The research paper is based on a statement of intent, an overview of the focus of the document and the writer’s objective in one phrase. Student authors incorporate their studies into their document to educate readers about the subject. For this, the attribution or careful quotation where you have data is an important method. Cite a reference instead of danger plagiarism, if you are in doubt and don’t know what to write.


Using a framework for organization is an essential method for both essays and research papers. High schoolers must create a at least create a blueprint, or a list of the ideas they would like to write down for their essays. The subject is a more official catalog in which each level and information is given with the writer’s figures and letters as it appears in the article. The recorded bluprints should be used for study articles by high college students. This overview is comparable to the subject, but the writer gives records for the origin of each object. In addition, both essays and research papers includes an overview to the subject and put it in depth and summarize thoughts.

High School Research Papers Topics List

Below, you can find the strong and exciting top 10 lists for high school research paper topics not based upon the educational level, place or class. Here you can find at least 6 subject that your teacher will appreciate.

Chemistry Research Paper Topics For High School

As every student can say, finding chemistry research paper topics for high school is an interesting task for several purposes like gives the best composition, when choosing the correct topic. Because of the paper topics are lookalike and every student wants to find a topic that not like the other ones, the students are looking fort o pick an uncommon topic. The right choice will make this paper more exciting and quicker to finish. You can check out these defined research papers topics :

  1. How the food allergies can be triggered?

  2. How much fluoride should be in the tap water?

  3. Why to use chemicals in shipping of foods?

  4. In which way chemistry developing our world?

  5. How to detect the casein volume in milk?

  6. How to extract the nicotine sulphate from cigarettes?

  7. How to get more hydrogen from the water?

  8. How to compare the persentage of fermentation?

  9. How to see the ions in the toothpaste?

  10. How the foods are getting into interaction with their plastic packages?

Science Research Paper Topics For High School

Because of they involve an in-depth assessment of the texts and the selection of a appropriate area of knowledge, the topics about science are the most challanging ones for research papers writers in high school.

  1. Are science museums able to teach science to students?

  2. What the genetic engineers can do and will be able to do in future?

  3. While breaking the sound barrier, which kind of difficulities the scientists are faced?

  4. Is there life on Mars?

  5. The explanation of consideration why Pluto is not a planet anymore

  6. The usage of insects in robot building

  7. The production of environment friendly plastics

  8. Why some animals prefers to hibernate?

  9. The usage of light in cancer treatment

  10. The future of computers and artifical intelligence projects

Biology Research Paper Topics High School

The common points of interesting biology research paper topics high school are being interesting, attractive and academically important. The latest researches and arguable issues in the research paper must be adressed.

  1. Possibilities of transplantation and cloning.

  2. Modern technology and DNA modified organisms

  3. Genetic background of obesity

  4. Safety of genetically modified foods

  5. Antibiotic resistance in human organism and cell structure

  6. How hormones are influencing the mind and behaviors?

  7. How can cardio exercise influence the hormones?

  8. Fertilizers’ effects on various plants

  9. The aspects and functions of photosynthesis

  10. The global warming threat

Environment Research Paper Topics For High School Students

The environmental problems creates some concerns in minds of almost everyone. Your research paper will certainly be an opportunity to show your interests and skills, if you decide to select one of these topics.

  1. The connection between acid rains and industrial activities

  2. Why the Antarcticice is so important for biosphere?

  3. The cloud types and their formation causes

  4. The effects of Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters on the entire planet

  5. How can the green energy can harm the ecology of the world?

  6. Why the gulstream is so important?

  7. Which differences are makes the endemic wildlife is so unique?

  8. The importance of tropical rainforests for atmosphere

  9. How can oil industry be useful for ecosystem?

  10. The activities of volcanoes in evolution of world

Medical Research Paper Topics For High School Students

It may be very hard to choose a subject, if you are allocated to medical research paper topics for high school students. But restricted space and funds constantly encourage us to restrict the topics to a large and thorough study.

  1. The connection between medicine and religion

  2. What is the difference between child health care and adult ones?

  3. What kind of differences the treatment of pregnant women has?

  4. Complexity of finding medicine in third world countries

  5. Age of alternative medicine

  6. What kind of medicine developments we will see in the future?

  7. The treatment of people with chronic diseases

  8. Alzheimer treatment possibilities

  9. Latest cancer treatment researches

  10. Which health problems do we see in youth often?

Technology Research Paper Topics For High School

Technological systems are getting quicker, lower, and better every year. Your cell phone actually contains more data than the old computers with building sizes. It does not matter if you are studying in college or high school, it is better to look for a research paper topic based on your interests. Whether it’s about biology, physical sciences, literature, history, or psychology, this strategy operates at all educational stages.

  1. What is the worst sides living in a technological world?

  2. The most important technology can solve the humanity’s problems

  3. The power of social media in third world countries

  4. Interacting with machines in 21st century

  5. The affect of digital tools to productivity

  6. The digital education on Internet

  7. Difference between brain and artifical intelligence

  8. Good sides of self-driving cars

  9. Equal access to technological devices

  10. Future of identity chips

Physics Research Paper Topics High School

Physics, as an region of interest, is rich in intriguing concepts and values for physics research paper topics high school. Physics provides numerous possibilities to experimentally model and visually represent the products you have studied, together with other traditional products.

  1. When the universe has been created?

  2. Why the exploring solar system is important?

  3. The unknown things about dark energy

  4. What meteorites has teached us?

  5. What is the most important exploration of International Space Station?

  6. Is it possible to go to other planets from Moon?

  7. Private space companies and the change of the future

  8. What can the space companies do about “space junk”?

  9. The mystery of dark holes

  10. The affects of sunholes on world

The Other Research Paper Topics You Can Use

  1. The effects of cloning on human lives

  2. Methods for infertile couples

  3. Ethics of mechanical reproduction

  4. Importance of genetic connection with children

  5. Difference between adopting and birth children

  6. Regulations of infertility technologies

  7. Definition of death

  8. Regeneration of human limbs

  9. Ethics of using tissue from animals

  10. Importance of using stem cells

  11. Best ways of fighting with diabetes

  12. Turning a business idea into a successfull startup

  13. Harm of taxation to small businesses

  14. How the big corporations are breaking the laws?

  15. Multitasking Productivity or harmness?

  16. Increase of sales with creative marketing

  17. Results of Brexit

  18. Fighting with racism

  19. Stand of women in various religions

  20. Creation myths in religions

  21. Researchs of cure for AIDS

  22. How to keep your mental health under stress?

  23. Cyber bullying in 21st century

  24. Benefits of multilingual education

  25. Effects of reality shows on youth

  26. Change of popular culture with social media

  27. Change of information technologies

  28. The online reading age

  29. Does internet make you smarter or lazier?

  30. Effects of robots in health care

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