How to Write an Introduction: An Ultimate Guideline

seconds. That is how little time you have to catch the attention of the reader
and make him want to read your text further. Over 50% of website visitors leave
it if they don’t find anything interesting in the first lines.

if you want to grab and hold the attention of the audience, you need to master
the art of writing an introduction. Follow our guidelines and you will surely

Goals of a powerful

Apart from a good organization and structure, an important goal of the introduction is to let readers know that your text is worth attention and can be useful. So why should someone read your text?

this question in your introduction and persuade the audience that it has come
to the right place. Below we have collected the most powerful tactics and
examples to help you craft an outstanding introduction!

Why should someone read

the beginning of this article, you read that over 50% of readers leave the page
within fifteen seconds. Such statistics helped me to show why this article

This is one of the most powerful ways to show readers why the text is worth their attention.

Start with an anecdote

You have probably heard about hook sentences. They are appropriate for all types of writing whether it is an essay, a dissertation or a blog post. A hook can be statistics (as in our introduction), a joke, story from your own life or a quote.

on the topic and the tone of your text, you need to choose an appropriate hook
and intrigue readers. The chances that the audience will read further will
greatly increase!


August 2010, Will Colton was hiding from police in a forest house in the middle
of nowhere. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door.

if your article is technical or a step-by-step guide, you can apply the above
storytelling technique. Think about what problems your audience had to face
before they started searching for the answer and then start with a short
relatable story to catch their attention.

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