Ideas for Online Jobs for College Students in 2020

Students are always in need of extra money. Some of them have to pay for their education, while others simply want to have enough cash for entertains and other stuff. But their main goal in this period of life is education. So ideally the chosen job should not distract students from their college activities. One of the main requirements is the opportunity to work part-time. With access to a decent internet connection, you can also try a distant or freelance work. Considering this we have created a list of job examples that suit college life and also can be rewarding financially.

    1. Tutor online. Can you recall things that you struggled to understand at school and understand it clearly now? Well, there are plenty of students who are younger than you and face the same situation now. Why not help them and earn some money as well. For instance, your major is literature. It means you can teach schoolkids how to analyze texts, characters, and other literary aspects or write essays. You can look for job offers on special websites like or Wyzant or use a word-of-mouth option and find pupils among your neighbors, relatives or other people you know.
    2. Writer or editor on a freelance basis. This is a great
      option for literature students who are good at writing and working with texts
      in general. You can help other students to correct mistakes in their articles
      or essays from time to time. The good thing here is that you can control the
      workload and adjust it to your schedule and money needs. Moreover, this is a
      job that will be in demand for a long time as the human touch is still
      irreplaceable by robots and algorithms. You can look for clients on platforms
      like Problogger or any other website that is aimed at providing writing
  1. English teacher online. Another option for
    humanitarian students. If you are a native speaker and know English perfectly,
    you can teach English to foreign students via Skype or other video chat. There
    are plenty of online schools that will be glad to hire you. Also, check
    websites like VIPKID or Tutor ABC (iTutorGroup).
  2. Evaluator of search engines. Big search engines like
    Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on are so busy so they are constantly in need of
    people who will help to detect and fix bugs and errors in their work. This is
    important for their decent functioning and improving user experience. You can
    find a job related to working with search engines of websites like Leapforce or
  3. Transcriptionist. This job is for those who can type
    really fast. So if your WPM (Word Per Minute) rate is high and you have good
    grammar, you can earn money doing transcriptions turning audio materials into
    text. Jobs like this can be found on TranscribeMe or Scribie.
  4. Captioner. You do not even leave your room or contact
    people as with this job your task will be watching videos and make time
    captions to sync video and audio files. Some sites that offer captioner jobs
    are Rev or Vitac.
  5. Testing. We all use numerous things and products every
    day. But before we can acquire them, they are being tested to make sure you’ll
    like them. So you can offer your service for big or small companies that are
    looking for testers of their products, software, apps and any other goods. One
    of the most popular niches now is digital testing, of course. But it is not a
    limit. Resources like UserTesting or UserZoom can help you to start your
    testing “career”.
  6. Manager of social media accounts. There is nothing
    complicated to handle your own account, right? So you can help somebody or some
    company to manage their social media pages and earn money for this! You can use
    some useful tools to ease the process.
  7. Data entry job. Businesses still require human help in
    data entry as they need a person to control and organize it. So you can add
    this option to your list and consider it as a part-time or remote job. Check
    Clickworker or DioData Solutions for options.
  8. PowerPoint
    presentation maker. This is still a widespread way to present information so
    many people and companies look for assistance. You can make presentations for
    business as well as for entertaining or educational purposes. You can find
    inspiration and templates on Visme.
  9. Amazon Mechanical
    Turk. This tool provides people with job offers of various kinds that are aimed
    at improving the working processes of Amazon. You can do your job on a
    freelance basis and receive your payment online.

Useful resources:

  • On Glassdoor you can find info about employers,
    salaries and many more;
  • Looking for a potential job option? Check out Indeed;
  • Great job selection is also available on

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