Is it Plagiarism if You Use Your Own Work?

Can you plagiarize your own work? That’s a question we receive from many of our student customers. They want to know, is plagiarising yourself even a thing? Well, we are here to answer the question, ‘Can you plagiarise yourself?’. Our answer is a resounding, ‘maybe’. You see, it really depends. Yes, plagiarizing your own work is possible. However, not every instance of using your own work is plagiarism. Keep reading to learn when the answer to ‘can I plagiarize my own work?’ is yes and when it’s no.

Reusing Your Own Papers is Plagiarism

Is it plagiarism if you use your own work for a different class? Here the answer is absolutely yes. You can commit plagiarism of your own work if you submit an old paper for a new class. Worse, it is very likely that you will get caught. If you have already turned in a paper, plagiarism scanning databases likely have that paper on record. When your instructor sees that you have submitted your own paper, they will know that you have made an attempt to plagiarize your own work.

Is Using Your Own Work Plagiarism if You’ve Been Published?

Once again, the answer here is yes. If you have been published and choose to use your own work, you must cite your sources. We will leave it to you to determine whether you should use yourself as a research source.  However, if you do and do not properly quote and cite, you are turning in plagiarized work. So, give yourself some credit!

Plagiarism at Work is Also a Problem

Business professionals also need to be concerned with committing plagiarism of their own work. For example, let’s say that you have created some marketing copy for an employer. If you leave that job and go to another employer, you cannot simply reuse that copy. Their are intellectual property issues and likely non compete issues that can cause you trouble. Plagiarism of your own work in the corporate setting can cause you real problems. If you do not have proper permission to use work you have written for an employer or client they can, in effect, say someone plagiarized my work. This is because even if you created the work, they own it.

Avoiding Plagiarising Your Own Work

Now that we have answered the question, ‘Is using my own work plagiarism?’, let’s talk about how to avoid this situation altogether.

  • Never Reuse Your Own Papers Rewrite Them And Make Them New And Better
  • Cite All of Your Sources Even When That Source is You
  • Don’t Assume That You Own Anything You Created For Someone Else


Remember that if you need writing help, we can help connect you with a writing service that understands all of the rules related to plagiarism. If you have written something you want incorporated in an academic paper, they will know exactly how to handle that situation. You just have to link to or upload your original document.

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