Learn How to Write a Conclusion Effortlessly After Looking at Our Best Examples of Conclusions

How You Should Write a Conclusion for Argumentative Essay

We will start with this type of essay.

  • Character Analysis of The Hunger Games Series

We will start with Prim to compare empathy between the characters in this series. This is probably the most desperate character who, if necessary, knows how to keep secrets and helps strangers. By the way, Prim has a wonderful ability to save children.

  • The beginning of the Civil War

Of course, we all can think differently or even conversely about the role of the American Civil War. However, none of our thoughts does change any fact that led to the revolt. One of the obvious reasons for the outbreak of war was slavery. Also, the fact that Abraham Lincoln was elected a new president played a role. Due to the events of those times, we can still see the difference in development between the South and the East.

  • The impact of social media on teenagers and young people

Social networks help people from different places on Earth communicate and find common hobbies. This is what caused the process of globalization and influence on people. Now it’s time to take responsibility for future generations and reduce the negative impact of Facebook.

Writing a Conclusion for Persuasive Essay

The structure and form of persuasive essay conclusion examples are the same as of other types of essay. You basically need to:

  • Restate your thesis
  • Rephrase two the most important reasons
  • Come up with an emphatic call to action

Please note that you do not need to defend your point of view or prove something. Just reiterate your position that you indicated in the introduction. No need to repeat sentences from the thesis.

An example of Analytical Essay

Here is an example of a conclusion for that type of essay on the topic of Coco Chanel’s impact on style and fashion world.

Coco transformed women not only into a new style but also gave a powerful impetus to the struggle for women’s rights. Chanel made a breakthrough in social norms and freed women from imposed standards. Having perfectly served the brand concept, Coco has created a new era of style.

When Writing a Conclusion for Analysis Essay

When writing a conclusion for an analysis essay, you also should rephrase the thesis and state the main point of view. Therefore, the conclusion of the analysis essay looks the same as in the previous one.

By the example of the main characters, the author showed a confrontation in human nature. While the Second World War was in full swing, people themselves destroyed. However, mankind was able to overcome its vices and save its fate. You want to transform lives, but you can’t do without loss.

About a Conclusion in Expository Essay

In order to understand how to write a high-quality conclusion in an expository essay, you should also concentrate on your basic idea of paper and thesis. Bear in mind your introduction, analyze it and bring out the main points to make the best possible ending for the article.

Columbus Day annually divides Americans into two camps. Some believe that it marks the beginning of the history of America. At the same time, others are convinced that on this day, you need to remember the Native Americans, loads of whom were destroyed. However, everyone agrees that Columbus made a large contribution to the history of America.

Example of a conclusion for a narrative essay

As for narrative essays, there you should remember that you are telling a story without using facts and ideas to prove it. You need to tell a story that happened to your characters. In this case, the final part will be different from the classical completion that we usually use.

Once Christy and I went into the room of our grandmother and saw a huge wolf in her bed. We were afraid and assumed that the wolf would eat our grandmother. However, later it turned out that this was her new friend, whom she saved from homelessness. Using this example, you can make sure that even being confident in the situation you should not make hasty conclusions.

Writing a Conclusion in your English Essay

As for the example for the conclusion of your English essay or synthesis essay, at first glance, it seems rather complicated. But in fact, the conclusion has already been made by the author, and you only need to see it between the lines. Your ability to catch the basic idea of the whole text is important here.

Portraying his heroes, Orwell wanted to add more vital details to them. Showing Napoleon, he showed his corruption due to unlimited power. Thus, we have to debate what spoiled Napoleon: unlimited power or other facts from his biography. Sometimes an author may use effects that are too complex for the average reader.

Bottom Line

In order to answer how to write a conclusion, we would like to say that the most crucial thing is to keep all the important parts of the paper in one stream. You need to use the conclusion to collect all the already powerful ideas in one place and thus leave a vivid impression on the reader. You can find specialty essay writing services that help with this task, but the main point is that everything should be clear and sincere. Also, remember that you do not need to come up with new convincing ideas for a conclusion. Just take your main statements and make them even more expressive.

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