Requirements and Recommendations on How to Get Into Harvard

Many students dream about prestigious education that is why they are interested in how to get into Harvard. However, it has only a 5% acceptance rate in Massachusetts. In last year a survey has shown that 2,037 out of 39,506 applicants admitted that Harvard is a very competitive educational institution considering entering it. Even the best school students with the highest scores not always can be accepted there. This situation has resulted in the highest requirements for entrance tests so only 2% of students can reach them. Harvard usually is interested in “A” school students. SO 83% of those students decided to try their abilities by sending their application there. This shows that Harvard is extremely popular among many students like DoMyWriting service.

In this article, you will find out the main requirements for students to get accepted at Harvard. Also, you will find out what can create obstacles and how to compare your scores in ACT, SAT or GPA.

SAT Scores requirements
SAT Scores requirements

So, what
score you need to have in SAT to be accepted to Harvard University? In most
cases, this place requires applicants to be in the top 1% among those who pass
SA tests. Considering SAT the rate should be no lower than 1500 points out of
1600. There are some cases when students with results lower than 1450 were
accepted as well. But the main requirements remain 1500 and more score in SAT.
Harvard is ranked #2 in Massachusetts considering the level pf average SAT
scores. The competitive level of SAT is significant as 67% of candidates submit
scores on SAT to their schools.

So what are chances of being accepted by competitiveness and your admission chances will be more than 8%. If your score is 1545-1590 your chances will be a bit lower. But if you have less than in 1455 then you have extremely low chances.

ACT Scores Requirements
ACT Scores Requirements

And what about a score you need to have in the ACT to be accepted to Harvard University? According to researches Harvard usually accepts candidates with 32 and more scores on the ACT. Applicants who are accepted here usually are among the top 3% across the country. In some cases, a minimal rate can be 30 points. But is the students have 34 and higher results there are high chances to be accepted. Harvard is ranked #4 in Massachusetts considering the level pf average ACT composite scores. 53% of candidates submit ACT results to Harvard.

about chances being accepted by ACT Score. If your score is 35 and more your
chances will be more than 10%. But if you have less than 31 then you have
extremely low chances.

GPA Requirements & Average GPA Scores

Your grades
should be extremely high if you want to check your chances to enter Harvard.
The average GPA results among freshmen were 4.04 out of 4. This means that here
only students are accepted. Harvard is ranked #1 in Massachusetts considering
the level pf average GPA. This is not surprising that even with relatively good
grades it will be hard to enter Harvard.

87% of
freshmen have a 3,75+ high school GPA rate. Students with less than 2.75 are
not accepted in most cases.

High School Class Rank

High School Class Rank

95% of
candidates accepted at Harvard were in the top 10% in their school in the final

Admission statistics

Application Deadline for 2020

If you are
interested in getting to Harvard keep in mind that the applications are
accepted due to January 1, 2020. If you will meet this deadline you will be
able to try your chances in autumn 2020. You can pass SAT and ACT tests earlier
and sent your results to Harvard earlier than January 1, 2020.

Application Deadline for 2020

Admission Requirements

What requirements considering admission exist in Harvard now? First of all, all test scores are required in any case. Among recommended attachments, there are high school GPA and Class Rank. If you have completed the College Preparatory Program, provide a proving document as well. Also, it is a good idea to include recommendations. But what is not recommended to add is the demonstration of competencies.

Credits Information

In Harvard,
only AP credit is accepted. Neither Dual Credit nor Credit for Life Experiences
can be accepted.

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