SAT Essay Tips to Get the Highest Score

SAT is a test of scholastic ability for applicants wishing to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the USA, Canada, and some other countries. This is a standard system that shows the student’s readiness for academic tasks. Typically, this test includes several parts: a mathematical section, an analysis of the reading, and a written assignment. Writing an SAT essay may seem like a challenge. And it is true. You will need some of our SAT essay tips to prepare for the test.

SAT Timing Tips

The first thing you
need to do is to understand all the nuances of the test. Knowing the timing
rules, you will successfully complete the test. You can even write some
preparatory essays by checking how long it takes.

The length of the SAT
essay, in most cases, varies from 650 to 750 words. First, you must read the
text and provide an analytical overview. Do not waste time formulating personal
opinions or upholding one of the positions. You must correctly analyze the work
of the author, show his or her arguments, reveal their persuasiveness. This
means that in the process of reading, you need to pay attention to facts and

SAT Essay Structure

Like other essays, the
SAT essay consists of 5 paragraphs. They are already familiar to American
students, but this does not mean that you should underestimate these tips about
the structure:

  • Introduction. This is the first part of the essay, your opportunity to impress the grader. Do not be fussy and immediately outline the thesis statement that defines the work of the author.
  • Thesis statement. Your next task is to provide a specific argument to the author. Also, describe the persuasion methods used. Remember that you should not express your opinion, try to refute the author’s arguments. This approach guarantees a bad rating, so do not use it.
  • Analytical paragraph. Give some examples that support the thesis of the statement. At this point, you do not need to rephrase the author. Just explain why you agree or disagree with each of the points.
  • Explanation Paragraph. Before you finish your essay, highlight a paragraph to explain the choice of a specific technique. Different authors use different techniques. It can be comparisons or metaphors, allegories, a vibrant language, various additional studies.
  • Conclusion It is important to remember that you should not give any new arguments, ideas, or examples. Reformulate the thesis and summarize your essay again. Make the final sentence strong and convincing. You can even use a call to action.

In preparation for
writing an SAT essay, you can read successful examples of other works. They
will help you understand the correct structure, get used to it. It will also be
a good idea to write some test essays so that this format does not cause you
any difficulties.

Explanation of SAT Score Rules 

Many students have
difficulty interpreting SAT scores. This is due to sections that are too
complex. Of course, you can use the SAT essay calculator, but it is not always
able to clarify the situation. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide and
SAT essay tips for you.

The first thing you need to know is that there is no passing grade as such. The score results consist of 3 amounts in the range of 2-8. Your minimum total score can be 400, and the maximum 1600. There are two sections: for reading and writing, providing evidence, as well as a mathematical section. Each of these sections will be rated from 200 to 800 points. In fact, when you write an essay, you should understand that its assessment will come from 3 aspects: reading, analysis, and writing.

Which points are
optimal? The average is 1050 points. If you pass this test for 1400 points, you
will be in about 5% of all-American students. Very few students gain 1,500
points, but such an indicator is still considered possible. Do not rush to
despair if you think that your score will not be high enough. Each college has
its own requirements, so you can achieve your goal even with a low average
score and high SAT score.

Also, remember that
the SAT test is not always required. Many American colleges have very different
requirements. But in any case, you should prepare using our SAT essay tips.
They help to develop analytical skills that are definitely useful while

12 Outstanding SAT Essay Tips

Our best experts, who
have passed the SAT test and got good results, have prepared tips for you on
the SAT essay. All of them are time-tested and useful:

  1. Read the hints before
    proceeding. Take your time; you need enough time to understand this
  2. Identify several methods of
    persuasion and remember them. You must understand what kind of literary
    techniques the author uses to convince his readers.
  3. Keep your focus on the details.
    Many authors have key points that are important in supporting arguments.
    You need to find them when reading.
  4. Prepare a plan before writing.
    You must have a short plan for each of the five paragraphs, as well as a
    general plan for your SAT essay.
  5. Do not use personal opinion.
    Graders expect you to prepare an analysis, explain how the author uses the
    argument, and not how he or she explains his argument. This tip is
    important for a good grade.
  6. Do not rephrase the author’s
    words. If necessary, quote the author, you can use direct quotation marks.
    But your essay should be an analytical paper, not a resume.
  7. Identify a compelling
    technique. Most likely, the author will convince his readers of some
    ideas. You need to understand what kind of technique he or she is using
    for this. You can give a few examples in your essay.
  8. Avoid slang terms and
    colloquial vocabulary. Your language should be academic, understandable to
    the main audience.
  9. Identify the reasons and
    evidence. Analyze how the author made complex things obvious.
  10. Do not repeat sentences that
    have already been written. If you want to focus on some information, it is
    better to conduct a deeper analysis than to repeat the phrase several
  11. Use literary tricks. Show your
    writing skills with metaphors, comparisons, analytic strategies, and
  12. Already at the first reading of
    the article, try to determine the author’s style. An author can use an
    argumentative or analytical style. Some texts are comparative, while
    others are reflective. There are many options. If you understand the style
    immediately, it will facilitate your further work.

If you want to write a good SAT essay, you have to practice. For example, analyze different articles. Also, pay enough attention to punctuation and grammar. Remember that you should not just effectively and interestingly start an essay. It is very important to convincingly finish it. Use the assumption of possible changes, convincing calls to action. You have to show the graders that you have understood the text well and analyzed all its aspects.

SAT Essay Frequently Asked Questions

Who is developing the SAT?

This test is the
responsibility of the Educational Testing Service. It is paid by another
private company, the College Board.

Is the SAT test obligatory?

Actually, SAT essay
writing and other sections are optional. You should familiarize yourself with
the requirements of different schools in order to understand whether you should
write this essay. If only one of 10 schools have such a requirement, you can
reject this idea. But we still advise you to write an SAT essay, as it will
demonstrate your analytical and written skills.

What is the average SAT score?

Today, if we combine all the passed sections of the test, we can calculate that the average score is approximately 1050. It is important to understand that this does not mean at all that the student is experienced in a certain field. It just shows the level of development of basic skills.

How to understand SAT essay instructions? 

You should understand
that each task of the SAT test contains a large number of tips for students.
This means that you must carefully read the assignment and understand all the

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