Step by Step Guide to Writing a Gun Control Essay

Writing a gun control essay
is a popular assignment for high school and college students. There are a lot
of wars and armed conflicts in the world. Therefore, that topic is relevant to
the current events, as well as it can show the critical thinking of the
student. You need to make a statement, gather a few arguments and evidence to
strengthen your ideas. Also, you should research the credible sources to get a
full understanding of the topic.

To start with, you need to
choose a side you will be promoting. Sometimes students change their opinions
throughout the research. Your task is to analyze each possible side of the
arguments to make sure you are ready to debate. If you get familiar with the
necessary items, pick up a strong topic, and choose an essay type. Seems

We have composed a guide on
how to write a gun control essay from A to Z. You will gradually understand how
to choose a topic, research it, and create an essay structure. Grab your piece
of inspiration, and let’s start learning!

How to Pick Up a Suitable Gun Control Topic?

It is ridiculous to start essay writing before you find the right topic. The idea is that a suitable topic activates your brain and makes it easier to create arguments and gather evidence. However, it is hard to pick up a great essay topic from the first try. We made a list of tips to help you determine which topic suits the essay:

  1. Avoid taking one side before you research the subject. You are likely to change the opinion while reading allegations, international laws, and credible sources.
  2. Make a list of topics you are interested in. You will be researching the topic, so it should be something of your interest. Otherwise, you will not do your best.
  3. Analyze your average listener. The audience has to be familiar with the topic to put forward arguments or assumptions.
  4. Gather complete materials to demonstrate your words. Do not choose the topic, if you cannot find credible sources to reinforce your statements.
  5. Create an outline. Make a thesis to express your opinion. Create an introduction to explain what you want to talk about.
  6. Analyze each side of the argument. Since you have not chosen the topic yet, prepare a small description for each side. Then, choose the one you have most arguments about.
  7. Make notes while researching. It will help you compare the ideas after you finish the research.
  8. Make a choice. Look at the thesis, list of credible sources, and your arguments. Choose a topic you are interested in.

Choose a Suitable Type of Gun Control Essay

If you are not provided
with a specific type of essay, you have to choose it on your own. We recommend
starting from your list of interests. However, you can either choose a type of
essay first and then picking up arguments and evidence. Here are all the types
of gun control essay:

  • Persuasive. Your goal is to persuade the audience, using arguments and credible sources. Be creative to make the essay bright and engaging for everyone.
  • Argumentative. Make strong statements and place arguments. It should be less emotional than a persuasive essay. However, pay much attention to the sources and evidence you place.
  • Cause and Effect. Select an event and analyze its causes and effects. Write an outline to pick up arguments and credible evidence. Pay attention to a logical sequence of the text.
  • Reflection. It is more about your personal opinion than facts and statistics. Determine your attitude to the topic and state your ideas on how to solve a problem.
  • Definition. Your task is to explain the issue by analyzing its constituents. You can divide the issue into small parts and explain each of them.
  • Expository. Describe the issue by placing facts and statistics. Analyze the law, gather the latest news about an event, and draw a logical conclusion.
  • Annotated Bibliography. Make excerpts from credible sources to explain the issue. To put it another way, you need to write a summary of academic reports and articles. Pay attention to the formatting and citation guidelines.

Choose an essay type you
are comfortable with. For example, if you are good at debating and proving your
point of view, choose persuasive or argumentative type. Let us explain the
difference between those.

Argumentative Essay on Gun Control

Start an essay with an
introduction and make a thesis statement. Then, put the arguments and use
strong evidence to prove your opinion. That type should be teeming with
argumentative statements and dry facts. Analyze each side of the issue to
mention counterarguments.

Persuasive Essay on Gun Control

As well as in the previous
one, you need to support your statements with proper arguments and facts. However,
you can turn on charisma and express your ideas. Your goal is to persuade the
viewers you’ve got the point. It is more creative, as well as risky. The thing
is that you must always be confident and accurate. Your speech must not cause
any doubts. The good point is that you do not have to use a lot of sources to
reinforce the arguments.

Useful Tips to Improve Your Gun Control Essay

You probably know that the
main factors in the success of an essay are the correct structure and strong
text. However, adhering only to these provisions, you forget about the other
components of a quality gun control essay. Here are a few tips to succeed in
academic essay writing:

  1. Write about what you
    are interested in. If you deeply know the topic, but it does not inspire
    you, choose another. So, you can do research without fatigue and hatred of
    the subject.
  2. Avoid unreliable
    information. Take your time to find credible sources and avoid failing in
    the paper.
  3. Make each statement
    strong and accurate. Avoid getting emotional, and do not use stereotypes.
    It will make your arguments vague and disputable.
  4. Follow the logic and
    sequence of sentences. Do not confuse cause and effect so as not to
    confuse the reader.
  5. Choose the proper
    format and style of paper. Follow the guidelines of each essay format.
  6. Make the Works Cited
    page (or References page) and put there all the sources you have used.
    Arrange them in chronological or use order, depending on the paper format.

Choose the Pro- or Against Gun Control Topic

The examples of gun control topics directly depend on the side you take. We have prepared two lists to provide you with pro- and against gun control topics.

Pro-Gun Control Examples

  • This will help reduce
    social panic and eliminate its effects.
  • This will give an
    economic advantage.
  • Gun control influences
    suicide reduction
  • The government must
    pass gun control law
  • Gun control will
    increase the birth rate
  • Gun control vs psychological
  • This will reduce
    illegal trade
  • What are the
    consequences of gun control laws?
  • America must impose
    strict restrictions on the storage of weapons
  • Gun control will
    reduce the number of accidental kills

Against Gun Control Examples

  • What are the negative
    consequences of adopting gun control laws?
  • Tough arms limitations
    can cause social panic
  • Enhanced Weapon
    Control Affects Economy
  • Adopting gun control
    laws economically disadvantageous
  • Countries that have
    weakened gun control
  • In the current
    position, gun control cannot be tightened
  • Tough gun control will
    not stop the illegal arms trade
  • Ten disadvantages of
    tough arms limitations

How to Choose a Side? | For and Against Gun Control Arguments

To start with, you can take
each topic and make it for- or against gun control. The thing is you can change
your mind while researching the subject or writing an outline. So how to choose
a side?

To start with, use
brainstorming to come up with strong arguments. Determine whether your
arguments support the statement or are likely to argue with it. Take one
argument, for example, for- gun control one, and develop it into the paragraph.
Evaluate how it sounds; try to make it more convincing. Do the same with the
against gun control argument. Compare the results, and you will see which one
sounds more engaging.

We have prepared some
examples for both sides of the argument. Look at those lists to grab some

Arguments Pro-Gun Control

  1. Enacting tougher gun
    control laws will reduce crime in poor areas.
  2. Hard gun control will
    help optimize the work of the US police and courts
  3. Gun control is the
    ability to reduce the number of random killings.
  4. Toughening laws on the
    limitation of firearms will allow to correctly allocate the budget for defense
  5. Enacting tight arms
    restriction laws will reduce the costs of tracking smuggling and illegal
    arms trafficking.

Arguments Against Gun Control

  1. The tight border of
    firearms adversely affects the state budget
  2. Gun control will not
    reduce the number of accidents but will worsen the US economy
  3. Tight restrictions on
    firearms can cause panic in high-crime cities
  4. Gun control does not
    solve the problem of violence but causes psychological depression
  5. Gun control will not
    reduce the number of killings but will reduce the state budget

Step by Step Guide to Writing Gun Control Essay

So, you have chosen a theme
for gun control essay. However, you are confused and do not know where to start
the process of writing an essay? That is why we composed step by step guide on
how to create a gun control essay from scratch. Follow it to write a paper from
A to Z.

  1. Planning. Write down
    the topic of the essay, thesis, and introduction. Think about what format
    to choose for paper and in what style to design an essay. Evaluate how
    strongly your thesis statement sounds and if it can interest the audience.
    Create an outline where you write down ideas for arguments, make some
    notes, and mention possible sources.
  2. Research. Browse
    through the Internet to find credible sources. Pick up strong evidence to
    strengthen your arguments. Find facts, statistics, and visual elements to
    reinforce your speech. Make sure that this topic is well discussed on the
    Internet. So you can find reinforcement for each side of the argument.
  3. Analyze your target
    audience. You should understand the field of the reader’s interest, needs,
    and knowledge base. Remember, your essay is to impress the reader, not to
    cause utter disagreement. That is why you should discuss each side of the
  4. Create a draft. Do not
    immediately write an essay in a clean copy to avoid mistakes. When working
    with a selection, you will see inconsistencies and violations of the
    causal relationship. Start with an introduction with a thesis statement,
    consider creating a hook to engage the reader.
  5. Improve the structure.
    Create a body essay with 3-4 paragraphs. The center of each paragraph
    should be an argument in the form of a statement. Add evidence and visual
    elements that showcase your words. Use the conclusion to summarize the
    ideas, arguments, and reinforce your thesis statement.
  6. Edit and proofread the
    paper. Check the essay for grammar and punctuation errors. Make sure there
    is no confusion in cause and effect relationships. Proofread the paper to
    improve structure and engagement. Consider ordering editing help from our
    on-line writing service.

The Example of Gun Control Essay Structure

It makes no sense to add a full gun control essay because each student has their writing style. However, we created a nice outline with a strong thesis statement, a few arguments, and a conclusion. Those are critical elements of each essay. The power and appropriateness of such elements determine the quality of your gun control essay.

  1. Gun control essay
    topic. “Tough gun control causes social fear and panic”. As you can see,
    we chose a topic against gun control. Pay attention to its volume and
    engagement. You can present it in one breath, which is very important.
  2. Thesis statement.
    “Based on public voting and polls, prohibitions on the possession of
    weapons cause fear and panic, especially among residents of cities with a
    high crime rate”. A thesis is the last sentence of the essay introduction,
    so it should be as strong as possible. Use brainstorming to pick up a
    couple of thesis examples and choose the most powerful.
  3. Arguments.
  4. Gun control does not reduce
    the crime rate, but causes fear from people who cannot stand for themselves.
  5. Gun control laws limit the
    level of defense, and it violates citizens’ rights for safety.
  6. More stringent firearm
    control laws make citizens doubt safety because they do not directly guarantee
  7. Conclusion. Except
    summarizing, you should reinforce the thesis statement. “Tough gun control laws
    cannot guarantee the appropriate safety and calmness of citizens. It does not
    reduce the crime rate but causes fear and panic. The results of public voting
    show that people will not feel safe without appropriate methods of defense. It
    is to be hoped that gun control laws will not be met with public resistance and

Bottom Line and Extra Advice

When writing an essay on
gun control, stay judicious, and dispassionate. Choose a suitable type of essay
and pick up a bright topic. Use our guide to create each element of the gun
control essay and put everything together. Remember to check the sources on
credibility. When picking up evidence and visual data, make notes to save
information about each source. It will help you compose the bibliography

Make sure to check the logical sequence of the text, grammar, and punctuation. When you finish the essay, edit and proofread the paper. If you run out of power, order our professional essay writing help. Just fill the online ordering form, and we will pick up the available expert writer. Make your academic life easier with our writing company.

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