The List of Controversial Topics for Essays Right Here

We all love to talk on
controversial topics that touch upon the eternal or pressing problems of
humanity. In fact, what are the controversial topics? First of all, these are
issues to which you cannot remain indifferent and which allow you to learn
different points of view as well as simply keep your brain in good shape.

Want to write a catchy
paper? Then you need to have in stock several provocative topics that will
immediately catch the reader’s interest. Below you’ll find topics that will
help to make any paper memorable and interesting. 

Our collection of essay topics is for ambitious students who have a clear position and are not afraid to express their thoughts. A controversial topic is your chance to undertake a certain challenge. This is a very useful experience, as in the future you’ll have a lot of challenges – in your family, in your career, etc. If you learn to write good essays on provocative topics, you’ll be able to convince people of your point of view! Let’s get started. 

papers – what are they like?

It’s no secret that in
any society there are some “hot points”. They can become tender
because there are several polar opinions on a particular topic, and, meeting
with the opposite point of view, people begin to defend their vision of the

A controversial paper
provides that you should take a certain position on a provocative issue, prove
it and try to convince others that your opinion is correct. There are many
areas where you can find controversial topics for discussion. Let’s look at
some of them.

Piracy of digital media – is a very urgent topic for modern society. Some are not only against piracy but also against digital technologies at all. Is Internet piracy destroying culture and is any theft bad? Or is the current reality such that everyone infringes copyright? You can discuss it for a long time.

Cannabis legalization – always provokes a violent reaction. In many countries, people sign petitions for permission to use marijuana in private houses. Is it good or bad? After all, it is scientifically proven that hemp has less physical, mental, and social damage and level of addiction than tobacco and alcohol. If you are a brave student who is not afraid to express an opinion that does not coincide with the opinion of a teacher, feel free to write an essay. Provided that you’re well versed in the field, of course.

Migrants, refugees,
the national question – are one of the hottest topics. Some believe that
migrants should be welcomed, others think that they should be expelled from the
country. On one side of the scale is safety, on the other, there is low-cost
labor that is good for the economy. Choose your position and explain why. 

Charity – is a cause
for controversy. There are certain things: sick children need help! But there
are questions that cause fierce debate among the people. For example, it seems
to some that it is pointless to spend energy and money on people with
disabilities or with deep mental retardation, while talented children from poor
families cannot get a normal education. And there are also problems of homeless
people, drug addicts with a deep and irreversible deformation of the
personality and the problem of criminals, who must somehow be adapted to live
in society. For example, is it worth it or not to do charity work for rapists?
There is clearly something to argue about! 

Plastic surgery –
certainly gives rise to disputes. Firstly, one can argue whether it is
necessary or not to struggle with the natural course of time. Secondly, you can
discuss various means of plastic surgery. Thirdly, you can ask questions and
exchange recommendations, etc. And you can discuss the results – at home, and
with the stars.

Abortion – is one of
the most controversial issues. Is the embryo already a person or not yet? Does
humanity need to multiply, if we already have 7 billion? Does the state have
the right to decide whether or not to have a woman? Bring your arguments. 

A healthy lifestyle –
is also a good theme to be discussed. We discuss what is harmful and what is
useful. If you give reliable, scientifically proved information, that’s good.
If you specialize in pseudoscientific information – well, it’s also an option,
why not? Such a position also attracts and pleases some people. 

Of course, this list
is far from complete. There are a large number of topics that can cause
controversy. Let’s check them out!



Controversial Topics to Make You Inspired

Ready for a
brainstorm? We have prepared a huge collection of interesting questions and
themes to think about. If your goal is to write an interesting, original and
catchy essay, you definitely need to pay attention to this list. Check it out
and choose the topic that interests you the most.

Provocative Paper
Topics for Teenage Students

In this article, we
offer essay topics for different categories of students. To get started, let’s
look at the list of topics most suitable for teenage students.

  1. Is medicine a profession or a
  2. How important is being a
  3. Who is better: female or male
  4. Does cigarette smoking have to
    be banned in public areas? 
  5. Can teachers upload photos in
    swimsuits to their social network profiles?
  6. Should paper books go out of
    use? Should we replace them with electronic ones?
  7. Is it possible to deal with anonymous
  8. What are the disadvantages of a
    healthy way of living? 
  9.  Can students choose
    deskmates or is it the teacher’s responsibility to choose seats for
  10.  Should junk food be
    prohibited in schools? 
  11.  Should students wear
  12.  Is it right that physical
    education classes are compulsory at school? 
  13.  What could be the reasons
    for expulsion from school? 
  14.  Can pupils use the
    Internet for doing their homework? 
  15.  Should students ask
    permission to go out of the classroom or can they do it freely?

Issues for University Academic Papers

Who said that
university papers are boring? The most important thing is to choose a suitable
topic that will be of interest primarily to you. Check out more cute ideas of
interesting topics for essays in college: 

  1. The use of animals is useful
    for medical research.
  2. You should choose between good
    family relationships and an excellent career.
  3. The marriage in modern society
    makes no sense
  4. Capital punishment is possible
    in some cases.
  5. Migrants should be barred from
  6. Bloggers unfairly earn too
  7. Curfew time for teens can keep
    them out of trouble.
  8. People are too addicted to the
  9. Drinking alcohol should be
    prohibited all around the world. 
  10.  Happiness is possible out
    of wedlock.
  11.  Is the Big Bang Theory
    true or fiction? 
  12.  Video games make people
  13. Contemporary art is disgusting
    and meaningless.
  14.  Homosexual marriage is
    something unnatural. 
  15.  Why common law marriage
    is more popular than the official one today?

Ideas of
Controversial Topics for Argumentative Papers

An argumentative essay
is one of the types of research work that allows you to consider a specific
problem from different points of view and give your arguments. It is this paper
that is best suited to consider controversial issues. Do you need to write an
argumentative paper and are you reflecting on a topic? Take a look at some

  1. Teenagers must be restricted
    from using the internet.
  2.  Advertising should not be
    aimed at children.
  3.  Fashion doesn’t matter.
  4.  Religion is something
    from which it is time to give up. 
  5.  Military service should
    be mandatory for both women and men.
  6. Are computer games a waste of
    time or a form of self-development? 
  7. What is more important: law or
  8. Whose fault is that the level
    of terrorism is so high?
  9. Cloning has several
  10.  If you say that you
    cannot do it, it means that you simply do not want to do it.
  11.  Men and women are equal
    for any labor. 
  12.  Those who do not learn
    from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. 
  13.  Technological progress
    has changed our lives for the worse. 
  14.  Watching television is
    detrimental to mental health. 
  15.  Is globalization good or

Issues For Debate

Don’t you think that
intellectual debate is a lost art? A controversial topic for debate is your
chance to show off erudition. In the case of debate, you need to take one clear
position and argue for it. These questions are selected so that you can agree
or disagree and explain why. Check them out! 

  1. Do you think that the
    indigenous population of the state should prevail? 
  2. Should homeopathy be taken
  3. Can physical punishment be
    applied to children? 
  4. Is the concept of feminism
    justified at this stage in the development of society? 
  5. Should be Internet piracy be
    considered a crime?
  6. Is money an indicator of
  7. Should racism be criminally
  8. Is it possible to show
    provocative commercials on TV? 
  9. Can the sex trade be legalized?
  10.  Is talent a guarantee of
  11.  Should a student work part-time? 
  12.  Do we need to give alms
    to the homeless? 
  13.  Is it possible to judge a
    person’s intelligence by his or her speech?
  14.  Does cloning have a
  15.  Can freedom be

Controversial Topics

Controversial topics
are for different types of essays, scientific articles, and even research. Here
we offer you the most common provocative topics that are suitable for all
scholarly papers. Reflections on these topics will help you improve your
critical thinking skills and the ability to search for arguments and facts.

  1. Does the IQ level depend on
    genetic characteristics?
  2. Is it possible to keep exotic
    animals as pets?
  3. The Cold War: history and
  4. What is better: the marriage of
    convenience or love match?
  5. Should young people provide for
    older parents?
  6. People of what kind of
    profession should get the highest salary in the country? 
  7. Is a person an architect of his
    own fortunes or does it depend on the will of chance? 
  8. What is better: public or
    private school? 
  9. Is abortion a cruel
  10.  Is a human the way to the
    destruction of nature?
  11.  Is freedom a conscious
  12.  Is it true that you can
    buy anything if you have enough money? 
  13.  Should older people be
    allowed to use the public transit system for free?
  14.  Should euthanasia be permitted? 
  15.  Is it a good idea to take
    a gap year after school?

How to
Write a Controversial Essay?

In fact, it’s very difficult to answer the question of what is a controversial essay and how to write is step by step. We cannot say that this is a separate type of essay. It’s rather a perception of your work. As we have already said, an argumentative paper is best suited for controversial subjects. The purpose of such a paper is to set out the arguments in favor of the chosen position. The most common way is providing statements and further facts as a justification.

The only difference is
that a controversial essay topic should cause polemic, hot disputes, and
disagreements. That is why it’s also called provocative. Just come up with
issues that really don’t seem easy to you, or about issues that cause emotions
– no matter good or bad.



Essay Writing Strategies

Writing an essay is
only half the task. Another part of the task that the author has is to write
the essay in an interesting and original way. Why can one paper be appreciated
higher than another, even if at first glance they are similar? The devil’s in
the details. Here we’re going to tell you what details you need to pay
attention to if you want to make your controversial essay perfect.

  1. If you can choose any topic,
    then choose one that is really interesting to you, that really captures
    you. When the author’s enthusiasm is not notable in the essay, then it’s
    boring to read it. If you’re not interested in your topic, how can it
    catch the reader? 
  2. Once you have chosen a topic
    that seems appropriate to you, it’s time to outline a list of pros and
    cons. Each question has two sides, i.e. now all you have to do is select
    your position. In your essay, you’ll need to highlight the arguments of
    both sides, but don’t forget that when reading the essay, it should be
    clear which side you support.

Be honest. Choose the
side you really want to protect. So you can look more convincing and pick up
the best arguments.

  1. Examples are another useful
    point that can be successfully used in an essay. Any statements look
    complete and don’t raise unnecessary questions if they’re supported with

An essay with examples
makes a stronger impression on the reader, looks more saturated and dilutes the
monotony of reasoning. That is why providing examples in the paper is a big

  1. Don’t forget about such
    stylistic devices as rhetorical questions to convince everyone of your
    point of view. Let’s take an example of the “Legalization of cannabis”
    topic and think about the arguments that you can bring here. For instance:
    “All cannabis products are drugs. The concept of “soft drugs” is not
    recognized by either medicine or international laws. The legalization of
    marijuana can affect the number of addicts around. In turn, any drugs give
    rise to crime. Would you like to live in such a society?” This rhetorical
    question will convey your basic idea well and make readers think. 
  2. Think well for whom you’re
    writing an essay. Keep in mind that, for example, a teacher may have the
    opposite opinion. Whatever controversial topic you choose, stay within the
    framework of morals. 

If your goal is to write a creative and catchy essay, don’t be afraid to add irony to your serious thoughts, or humor (if appropriate). Don’t forget that your work is a direct reflection of personal views, so forget about the option of copying other people’s thoughts. Consider what thoughts you’re willing to share with your readers, what should your paper talk about? The title of the work may contain a certain amount of originality. If our topic options seem incomplete to you – don’t be afraid to change them. If the controversial essay is still difficult for you, take the opportunity to order an essay from professionals. 

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Keep in mind that professors
are always looking for weaknesses even in the most ideal papers, so try to do
your best to make your controversial essay flawless. Best of luck!

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