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What is heroism? It seems that people can endlessly discuss this topic. We can talk for a long time on the theme of heroism during hostilities. There will always be a few opinions that each person will argue with their own thoughts and observations. However, perhaps everyone will agree with the meaning that war is a time where everyone is scared. And perhaps starting from this thought, heroes can be called those people who, despite their own fear, get up and move on further.

It is the theme of heroism that becomes one of the main messages in the book of stories “The Things They Are Carried”. Tim O’Brien allows the reader through his own book to plunge into those terrible times. All this becomes possible thanks to his bright and colorful description of not only bloody development but also the emotional experiences of the military.

“The Things They Carried” theme essay an important task in the educational process of every student. If you take writing seriously, then thanks to one the book of stories, you can get a wealth of experience. But it would probably be too rude to call “The Things They Carried” essay just one of a number of practices. No, because it is thanks to this book student have an opportunity to know more about such a complex topic as war by analyzing on your own those moments that many media try to avoid. The book of stories is imbued with real emotions and tells about the reality of the soldiers of that time. It is thanks to its realism that a lot of controversy and criticism from the state have circulated around the publication. One of the reasons is the fact that such a topic was always forbidden.

Essay On The Things They Carried: How to Pick out the Main Points and Idea of the Book of Stories?

It is possible to highlight the basic idea for writing your own essay on The Things They Carried only after a close acquaintance with the book, it’s reading and analysis. It is impossible to understand and feel what the author wanted to tell, having read only a brief content of the book of stories. If a student wants not only to get a good mark but also to make certain conclusions for oneself, then it is important to take time to read the original work.

One of the ideas of the story is the reference, which can be found in the very title of the book. This is exactly what kind of “things” the author means. The book implies both the physical characteristics of those very “things” and the moral one. If the physical component is the things that each of the militaries carried with them. For example, the physical exertion of the heroes that they experience daily, putting on and carrying with them backpacks with important filling. One such backpack can weigh about 30 pounds.

The moral “things” that heroes carry with them are characterized by that emotional burden. This is a thought of war, experiences, and fears, which is an integral part of the characters. It seemed to stuck in the head and does not allow them to relax even at night.

Each of the main characters also carries with them a piece from home, which is at the same time provide emotional support. Someone has a letter from a girlfriend, someone keeps her tights. And no matter how strange they are for the reader, for the characters these are exactly the things that help them fall asleep and wake up each day, move on to the next battle and come face to face with death.

But, the final and personal opinion about the book can naturally differ because you should not rely only on the words of “experts”. Each of us is an expert for oneself. And it is only in our interest to decide to listen to an extraneous opinion or not.

Write The Things They Carried Essay Smartly

In order to write a good essay, you need to follow certain rules. If you stick to the plan of building an essay and express your thoughts according to a clear structure, then getting an excellent paper will be a fairly easy task. Let’s look at two examples of how to write a good essay and impress not only your teacher but also learn to express your thoughts beautifully and competently.

The Things They Carried Literary Analysis Essay Sample


First of all, you need to understand that the Literary Analysis Essay is a task that is performed on the basis of research and analysis of the work. In “The Things They Carried” literary analysis essay, the main idea should be stated that the reader will be able to highlight it for oneself. For example, this may be the theme of heroism in wartime. This is the way you understand the actions of the heroes, and what impact these actions have on the course of the story.

“The Things They Carried” are a series of stories that are connected only by one theme – the theme of war. Each story is a separate one, taken from different time periods. For writing an essay, you can select for yourself a story that was more impressive and weighty for you.

It is important to remember that “The Things They Carried” Literary Analysis Essay requires adhering to a specific format. This is not an arbitrary statement of your own thoughts. The essay should also not be presented in a nondescript form. It is also not a book review, which is usually made up for book sales sites.

For successful and easy writing of “The Things They Carried” Literary Analysis Essay, follow the next plan:

This means that you need to understand the main idea of ​​the author, about which you would like to speculate. The work of the author carries the idea of ​​pain and hopelessness. The cycle of stories describes the story of one young man, from the first person. This is his way from an uncompromising boy to an experienced military man who has seen a lot of blood and corpses. This is about the events that made him fight. About such a noble peacemaking idea and what name the military operation in Vietnam actually has. Is it really necessary action? Does a person really have to participate in such acts? After all, this is not life, this is the time when each of the soldiers tried to survive until the evening, to get up in the morning and start killing again in order to save their own lives. And everything is good, but no one of the heroes got in this environment by their own desire.

The plan is the main part of writing an essay. Thanks to a well-written plan, writing “The Things They Carried” Literary Analysis Essay will be much easier and faster. We can assume that by making a plan, you have completed 50 percent of all the work on the essay. Your plan will need to contain key positions that you would like to discuss. It is important that there is always a final thought in the end. You should summarize your own thoughts.

This should be a proposal that will contain the main question that you will disclose in your work. A thesis should be clear and understandable. It can also be in the form of a question, or a small dialogue, taken from a book or from any other source. However, an important condition is that it should be clear to the reader.

While writing “The Things They Carried” Literary Analysis Essay, follow the points of the plan, gradually filling it with important information. It is not necessary to fill each paragraph in order. For example, firstly you can write about your attitude to the heroes and their decisions. Then you can take up the disclosure of those events that you considered and for which you expressed your own opinion. It is important that in summary, each of the paragraphs will be a continuation of the previous one. The essay should be logical. You also need to understand that if you ask a question, then the essay body should have the answer to this question. It is important to take into account the fact that your essay must necessarily contain the detailed essence of your thesis. Because the thesis sets the tone for your essay. It shows the reader exactly what idea you will reveal in your work.

At the end of your literary analysis essay, you need to duplicate the thesis, however, supplementing it with the facts that you found out during the writing of the essay.

This final stage is necessary for everyone. No matter how competent and confident you are in your own work. It is important to understand that mistakes are always made in the writing process. This is due to the fact that we are completely immersed in our own thoughts. Our brain directs most of its attention to the formation of logical thoughts, to formulate facts into one. Then, when you reached the final point in “The Things They Carried” literary analysis essay, you have to read the work one more time, check for punctuation and spelling mistakes. It is also important to track the consistency of paragraphs. If necessary, add one or two sentences that will link your text and make it more understandable to the reader’s perception.

Critical Essay On The Things They Carried Example


The goal of a critical essay is to develop evaluative skills. The student needs to analyze the idea of ​​the author and give own assessment of this idea. While working on the essay, it is important to understand that when reading your work, the reader will have to find in it what makes him rethink the theme on which the essay was compiled.

A critical essay can be of several kinds, for example:

  1. Objective assessment of the work of the author, his ideas and the disclosure of problems in the work.


  2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the work.


  3. Criticism of the work.


  4. Determination and assessment of the relevance of the problem, which is considered in the work, as well as the ability of the arguments presented to support and prove the point of view of the author.


When compiling a critical essay on “The Things They Carried”, it is important to pay attention to the teacher’s assignment, as well as to follow the next steps in order for the work to come out competent and interesting for each reader and your teacher.

This is the primary task for the student because according to this the main questions that should be asked in the essay will be formed. Based on the chosen type of essay, the student also chooses the style of presentation and the method of presenting own opinion.

“The Things They Carried” theme essay is essentially a work that must be read by each person. However, if this topic is your homework then you should become familiar with the book of stories in detail. Do not neglect this and do not read only a brief summary. It does not give a complete picture of the work. After all, the brief summary excludes a fairly large amount of work. A lot of phrases of heroes are cut out, as well as segments that can directly indicate to you that the author was trying to convey. This is important, and the person who shortened the work could not understand a specific point, but for you, it could be decisive and significant for building your own position and making an appraisal opinion.

When reading the cycle of stories of “The Things They Carried”, it is recommended to take notes and write out important moments for you and the statements of the characters. Due to the fact that the volume of material is large enough, you can easily forget the thread of thoughts that settled in your head at the beginning of the reading. Notes can be made in the form of footnotes with excerpts of phrases. You can also make paper bookmarks in the book, or write out the number of pages on which you could find an important idea for yourself.

The main subject of “The Things They Carried” is the problems of war and enforced “peacekeeping” operations during which thousands of innocent people perish. However, each reader can find oneself some other meaning of the story. Identify the key points that will become a reference when building a critical essay.

Any critical essay should begin with a thesis. This will help the reader to immediately determine your position regarding the work. However, it is important to remember that when writing an essay, the thesis will be a supporting element, and in the body of the essay, the thesis should be disclosed, supplemented by arguments and examples.

These should be the main points, perhaps the issues that are covered in “The Things They Carried”. For example, what symbolizes the presence of charms in each of the main characters? Why there is such a reverent attitude to seemingly simple and absurd things? Why the heaviest burden is not a 30-pound rucksack on the back of the men, but awareness and proximity of death?

When the book is already read and the arguments highlighted, creating a really good one essay is a much easier and more enjoyable task. Fill each selected item with answers and reflections, according to the posed questions.

Your work should contain a brief summary of the entire essay. It is important to include in the conclusion a thesis that was written in the introduction. However, in the conclusion it is necessary to disclose it, adding the facts and arguments that were given in the body of the essay. You do not need to open new questions. The conclusion is the final point of your thoughts, and it should be logical to complete all the work and encourage the reader to draw their own conclusions or agree with yours.

This is an important stage of work, without which you should not give your essay to the teacher. Carefully re-read the text you have written, correct all spelling and grammatical mistakes. Check the essay for a sequence of thoughts, is it easy to trace the main position that you wanted to reveal in your work? Only after these checks, with a clear conscience, you can give your essay to the teacher.

Do not be afraid to write something. Listen to your inner voice and write about the things that important to you. But do not forget to follow some essay building rules we have pointed out!

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