Tips to Make a Good Presentation

When preparing to make a speech or presentation you may ask yourself “What factors make up effective public speaking?” or “How do I make a great presentation?” Now more than ever, students are asked to give presentations in addition to or in lieu of traditional writing assignments. It is because of those questions that we have these 10 tips for great presentations.

Make a good presentation

1. Don’t Crowd Your Slides

Each of your presentation slides should be easily digested. In fact, your audience should be able to glance at your slide and absorb all of the information from it in just a few seconds. Crowded slides are also difficult to read. Remember to use plenty of white space. If necessary, take several slides to explain a point.

2. Don’t Read The Info From Your Powerpoint

Nobody wants to listen to you read the information word for word from the presentation slides. Instead, take a moment to look at the slides and take out small bits of the most interesting information. Then with that information add onto it from what you know, you’ll create a much more interesting presentation this way.

3. Use Hand Gestures

Point out facts, wave your arms around, using your hands adds more dimension to the presentation. If you stand with your arms flat against your sides that’s the dimension you will give to your presentation. Flat. Keep your body language engaged and interested.

4. Get Excited!

In order to give a good presentation, you have to sound excited. You have to fluctuate during points of interest, you have to engage with the audience. Pump yourself up, and in doing so you will excite your audience as well.

5. Look at Your Audience

Don’t stare at your shoes, or at the power point. You need to focus your attention on your audience. If you tend to look away from others try focusing on one person, on perhaps an object in the room.

How to make a good presentation
6. Interact With Your Audience

Ask them questions, let them ask questions. Engage in conversations with them, very good presentations tend to get the audience involved in some way or another. It helps them to connect with the information even more.

7. Tell Jokes

Sometimes even the most serious topics require a joke, it makes the presentation more interesting and can be a great way to break up an awkward moment of silence without using “Ummmm” or “Ahhhh””

8. Connect With The Info By Telling a Story

If you have a personal experience that has anything to do with what you are presenting, use that in your presentation. A short story can draw interest towards the topic, as well as engage the audience.

9. Make Sure You Are Fully Prepared For The Presentation

Practice, make sure you have your notes prepared, make sure you have studied properly. All of these things are vital towards your success during your presentation. Remember that those who present good presentations spent lots of time practicing for the part.

10. Use Visual Aids

Pictures help the audience make better connections, rather than have a slideshow with just notes try putting a few slides with just a picture on them. The visual will pop out much more vividly and will allow the audience to make a connection.

When making your speech always remember to keep it interesting, make sure it interests you, and engage with the audience. By doing those things you can ensure that your presentation stands high above the rest. Remember there is a great difference between a good presentation and a great presentation. And if you need some help don’t be afraide to ask for it from one of the  top essay writing services.

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