What is Synthesis: Overview of Synthesis Essay

A synthesis is a specially written discussion that refers to one or more sources. In order to write a great synthesis essay, you need to be able to infer relationships among analyzed sources. There could be a bunch of various sources to deal with including articles, fiction works, essays, interviews, lectures, etc. This is quite a natural process to distinguish relationships since every person deals with such tasks when trying to find relations between events and their reflection in papers, shows, etc. In fact, writing a research paper means writing a synthesis as well. A synthesis is a way to understand the relationships among various analyzed sources and come up with proper findings and predictions.

When you need to write a synthesis, you can use all your analytical skills and an ability to come up with proper findings. Working with two sources, you need to distinguish what the analyzed sources are about and what they say. Therefore, you need to summarize the chosen sources. This is a very effective decision, especially when you want to represent your sources to the audience. The summary of the sources is both useful for further research work and for readers who only start dealing with the information you reveal. Moreover, when analyzing two separate sources, you need to evaluate their validity and quality, thus you need to come up with conclusions. In addition, you need to decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree with the main points revealed in the sources.

Once you have conducted a proper analysis of the sources, you need to come up with the analysis of the relationships between the sources. You need to compare and contrast various sources and consider their relationships. Moreover, you can deal with a variety of different sources, if needed. Thus, there is no need to analyze only 2 sources, when your work requires to provide a wide study. Since this work can include the profound analysis of the relationships among a set of sources (A, B, C, D, etc.), you need to pay enough time to complete 5-paragraph essay.

The synthesis is a complex work based on analysis of two or more sources. Therefore, you need to select the sources carefully to come up with proper findings. There is no need to describe every possible point outlined in the sources. This means that you need to select the exact ideas and information to work with from every source. Moreover, the selected information must help the writer to achieve his purpose.

The Purpose of the Paper

First, when dealing with a synthesis essay, you need to read all the chosen sources carefully. Moreover, numerous academic assignments provide a set of special requirements for every type of essay paper. Therefore, you can be asked to evaluate content, argue a topic’s position, describe and explain cause and effect relationships, etc. The sources you use in your paper will be differently used in other types of essay papers, including contrast and compare, persuasive, and argumentative essay papers. Therefore, make sure you know what to do with your chosen sources in advance.

The Sources Used

The use of the sources depends on the purpose of a synthesis essay paper. Therefore, you need to choose the sources having a certain aim. Moreover, the nature of a synthesis essay paper brings a need to analyze and combine various ideas. In such a case, you need to be well aware of what the sources reveal. The basis of every source is important. You need to synthesize the sources to discover their relationships and to determine the relations between sources and their purpose. You need to check in advance what the exact material to choose and how to use the parts of the materials in your writing piece.

Two Types of Synthesis

There are two types of synthesis, which can be used by students who prepare an essay paper.

1)    The Explanatory Synthesis

This type of synthesis helps readers to understand a topic. The writer needs to divide the text into clear and understandable parts to let the reader understand the entire text and its content easier. The explanation can be full of descriptions, thus it will be easier for a reader to imagine a certain place, object or event more clearly in this own mind.  The explanatory synthesis essay remains a complex assignment, which requires more details and explanations to present a set of facts to outline a certain point of view. Moreover, this type of text requires a careful reading of an entire source to come up with proper conclusions. The argumentative essays always include a part, which remains explanatory in its nature.

2)    The Argument Synthesis

The argumentative synthesis is aimed at presenting your own point of view. Moreover, you need to support your opinion with numerous facts and other evidence. Always use relevant and up-to-date facts when preparing a synthesis essay. This type of essay remains a unique reading of source materials, thus other writers may disagree with you. There could be a lot of writers who support the opposite point of view. Still, you need to provide strong and relevant evidence to support your own opinion, write an essay for me and let the audience share your point of view.

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