Will Ebooks Ever Replace Paper Books?

Every day we face dynamic mobility and technology that affect our lives. Moreover, they influence your reading habits, as well. Modern young people tend to use smartphones and other gadgets to read. So it is possible to say that we live nowadays in the era of e-books. They are not only easy to download and read, but cheap, which is very welcome.

It is not quite clear now whether it will happen or not. however, there are multiple pros to use e-books:

  • Opportunity to customize your reading settings.
  • Convenient reading.
  • Cost-cutting.
  • Space-saving.

More and more people begin to read ebooks, but the number of those who prefer paper books is still big.

Free Ebooks for Your Soul

Each of us needs something to read for our souls. So apart from academic textbooks, we want to relax sometimes. Let’s review a list of such books websites to download easily:

Fiction and Nonfiction

There are more than 100 books from various authors. There are two formats of books available: ASCII and HTML. Each month the new books are added.

This website hosts more than 60 e-books that were written in a period from 400BC to 1955. Download them in PDF format.

This is the biggest ebook publisher in the world. There are more than 1,000 textbooks and 600 ebooks for experts in 9 languages.

With this resource, you can publish your own books and select among more than 21,700 ebooks that are free of charge to download.

You can read books here, utilizing your RSS and email. You need to choose the book and specify the time of it to be delivered.

You can find free non-fiction books here. Select the book by certain categories: Education, Computing, Sports, Law, Business, Art, etc.

Here you can find free picture books, poetry, plays, short stories, best sellers, novels, and more. To find the necessary book, you may utilize various filters.

You may find almost every book you need on this website. Besides, you may ask the administrator to help you. There are various genres and topics of ebooks that are available here.

Here you may find the books that were written by rising authors. Enjoy reading fiction and romance. Also, you will find here all types of non-fiction literature.

There are 1,000+ of full-text books and various topics and genres. The service is free of charge.

This is a huge free media resource that hosts 10,000,000+ texts and books.

The site hosts both paid and free books. Choose one out of 1 million of them. Download the application to read reviews, find the top-rated books, and get recommendations.

There are more than 33,000 free books. Also, you may use multiple filters by languages, authors, titles, genres, popular, and recommended books.

On this site, there are 53,000+ free books. You may select from Kindle ebooks or EPUB books. You might read them online or download them.

Here you will find the finest classics to read online, download, and even buy on Amazon.

There is a huge collection of books here for free. You might download a book or upload your own ebook for others to read.

This resource offers poems by more than 260+ writers, more than 4,400+ short stories, more than 3,500+ complete books. What is more, you would find 340+ quizzes and 8,500+ quotes in the database.

  •  UPenn’s Online Books Page

More than 2 million+ of works are localized here. You might choose from a “curated collection” with more than 50,000 books, and find the rest in the “extended shelves.”

Here you may find free offerings from Amazon. Choose the genres you look for and get the updates daily by email.

Here you will find the Amazon freebies. However, note that you are limited in time to download them.

There are 20,000+ free books of various genres. All of them are possible to be downloaded in these formats: Kindle, MOBI, Nook, and EPUB for free.

Read online more than 1 million items: Religion, pure English, reference, Social Sciences, non-fiction. Choose the one you need by author, title, and subject.

There is a huge collection of audiobooks, academic, non-fiction, and free fiction books.

  •  The Internet Book Database of Fiction

There is a wide array of the ebooks in various genres. You may donate and submit a book here too.

  •  The Free Library by Farlex

This is one of the most massive libraries online on the web. There are thousands of journals, newspapers, news, magazines, publications, reference docs in such subjects as Technology, Science, Government, Politics, Law, Entertainment, Communications, Health, Business, and more.

This is a big library and one of the oldest national institutions. It contains 162 million works. Here you may check manuscripts, photos, maps, audio recordings, pictures, and books.

Here you will find many videos, audiobooks, and electronic books. Moreover, you may find here 1984 Read-Alikes, Recommended Reads, and more.


This is a perfect resource to read classic books online. It offers the assistance of a special Java applet. With it, you may select the best color, spacing, and text size they like.

More than 2 million books are localized here. You may choose prize winners and banned books here.

The website hosts 3,800+ free classic online books, plays, and short stories by various poets and writers like Shakespeare and Dickens.

Here you will find many classical works in such genres as Literature for Children, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, and History.

Check out more than a thousand online books here. You can get recommendations, track the reading progress, join the book group and club, and of course, discuss the literature.

Here you will find more than 80 classic books to download, such as “Pollyanna,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “The Great Gatsby,” and more for free.

  •  Free Classic Literature

Find American and British authors like Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Shakespeare, and benefit from reading for free.

Read and download thousands of free online books. Read on iPhone, iPad, Nook, Android, Sony eReader, Kindle, and more other gadgets. If you fail to find a book yourself, you may ask the administrator to help you.

Find a fast-growing list of documents, lecture notes, ebooks found on the Internet. You are able to download them and then promote your books.

Check out this classic ebooks library, which is dedicated to dreamers and philosophers who want to change the world with their thoughts.

Guide and anthology to English Literature. Find here the books of various periods: Renaissance, Restoration, 17th Century, and 18th Century.

Search for books and authors here. Read hundreds of classic genre books on Page By Page.

Plays and Drama

This site is dedicated to females who were stars in the Golden Age English Theatre. Check out descriptions of the Theory of Drama, Plays, and Autobiographies. Read the books for free and download them.

Here you will find direct links to free plays and drama ebooks on Amazon.

Check out a list of external links to Masques, Performance, Play, and Drama texts. Some materials you may read online while the others are free to download.

  •  The Online Waldorf Library

If you are interested in Waldorf education, you may find useful data in Spanish and English here. You will get all the available resources you need. Most of them are in PDF format.

  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Discover here the whole collection of Shakespeare’s works. Read histories, tragedies, and comedies.

This is a service for play readers and playwrights. Read the full version of plays for free online.

The site features musicals, comedies, dramas, and plays for children.

Here you will find hundreds of musicals, screenplays, movie scripts, plays, and transcripts for radio shows, anime, and movies. You can easily download the texts.

This website is directly dedicated to Oscar Wilde. Here you will find a collection of poetry, short stories, and plays by Wilde.

Find theatrical works starting from the Ancient Theater and finishing with the 21st Century Theater. For instance, here you would find the Theatre of Absurd and Sophocles.

  •  Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays

The collection consists of 250,000+ Canadian and American vocal music, poetry, plays from 1609. It is the most comprehensive and biggest collection that has ever been presented in the research library.


Find the greatest poems here: humorous, narrative, dramatic, historical, categorized by century, for weddings, or children. Select the poem, depending on your event or mood.

Read here poems by Rudyard Kipling, Henry W. Longfellow, Lewis Carroll, and more.

Find here free quotations, lyrics, and poems. Listen to and read poems, find them by features like “Top 500 Poems”. Also, you can submit your own poems.

Read poems, limericks, inspirational poems, friendship, and love poetry by such famous poets as Lord Byron, John Donne, Emily Dickinson, Robert Browning, and others.

Enjoy the unlimited array of poems. No matter whatever taste you have, you will find the poem you like.

Read on poems by Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, Elizabeth Barrett, and more. Read and browse “Top 50 Poems.”

  •  The Children’s Poetry Archive

This site was made to get the recordings of the new poetry for kids and put them on this resource. You may create your own lists and offer your friends to listen to your poems.

Read thousands of well-organized poems, submit a poem, be involved in the current discussions, learn new techniques, and generate your masterpiece.

This is such an inspiring place for all authors. Besides, it is a very large poetry community. Each of your poems can be commented on here and might even win the prize.

This organization publishes a “Poetry” magazine. You will find more than 30,000 video recordings, audio, and poems.

Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies

You may find here a big selection of books on subjects like Arts, Hobbies, Craft, Design, Home Improvement, Cooking, Gardening, etc. Select the category you prefer and read for free.

Find here a book for you from such categories as Mystery, Horror, History, Entertainment, Art, Spirituality, and many more genres.

A big choice of books that are available in such formats as MOBI, PDF, and EPUB. Besides, you may connect this account to your Facebook.

Download in PDF several craft books here. Just register to read and download.

The resource features more than 2,400 ebooks that are divided into several categories. You can download them in MOBI Pocket, EPUB, TXT. PDF. Also, you may send them to Kindle directly. The registration is free, but a must. Besides, you can download only five books per month.

Science Fiction, Romance, and Fantasy

Read romance novels here. It is the best place for beginners in writing: you can publish your book here and get comments on it.

Search for horror books, adventure books, graphic and fantasy novels, Christian novels, and more. Download the ebooks for your PC, tablet, phone, or eReader.

  •  Free On-Line Novels by RLC Authors

Read the Romiley Literary Circle participant’s book reviews, materials, and observations since they are eccentric and quirky.

Find a wide range of fantasy and science fiction books here. Choose them by title, category, publisher, or author. You may read or download the files.

Download thousands of fiction books here in various popular formats. Find interesting news and trending books from the world of books.


Read and download books online. You may find a humor category and a book you like: thriller, short story, romance, etc.

  •  E-books Directory (Humor)

Find the links to the humorous books that are gathered at one page on the Internet.

Check out a list of good humorous romance books, vote for them, and tag them, depending on where you have finished reading.

Read your favorite humorous books here without any registration.

Check out various humor genre books here. Some of them require payment, while others are free of charge.

This site monitors Amazon for the best 100 free books in the Entertainment and Humor category. Get updates and free card after subscribing.

Find the Humor and Comedy Fiction category to be downloaded in HTML, PDF, or ebook text. Here you may read funny poems, books, and stories by William W. Jacobs, Henry James, Jerome K. Jerome, and more.

This is a site with a well-sized collection of books on humor. You can download the works in PDF, Kindle, or EPUB formats.

Here you will find classic humor books in various languages. You may download them for free in PDF, MOBU, and EPUB formats.

Find here ebooks in a genre of “Humor & Comedy”. Download them in EPUB and sign for free.

Free Ebooks for Your Work and Study

If you are looking for the literature to assist you with your academic tasks, you would better check the following list of books to help you get the highest grades.

Education Books and Textbooks

  •  Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources

Find a fantastic selection of free textbooks or DoMyWriting, search via your preferred subjects. The mission of the project is supposed to make college books open to use by students.

This is the educational service that supports K-12 education. Find here many teaching and learning materials.

This website contributes to the open and free dissemination of global knowledge. So that everyone on this planet can find the textbook they need in education.

This site hosts more than 200 textbooks by scholars.

  •  Open Educational Resources 

Find here many open-access materials. They are divided for your convenience into groups: types of materials, grade levels, and subject areas.

This project aims to master access to education for many students. It offers free materials and books that were used by hundreds of students.

In this library, the service is both free and paid. Find 83,000+ and more academic ebooks and 10 million+more articles by the best publishers.

Find books for all types of courses in this source. Download the material to your device and read it.

Check out a collection of free courses, learning materials, various video lectures, specific learning stuff, ebooks, and textbooks.

The website hosts 12 books in Business, Banking, Finance, and Economics for online reading.

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