Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

When you are given a task to write a cause and effect essay you should start with choosing a topic. At first, it may seem that it is best to choose the topic on your own. But you should bear in mind that you will have to go through a large number of suggested topics, analyze if you will be able to conduct a research on this topic and perform well. It may take a lot of time.

Essay structure

If this is your first time to compose this type of essay, we suggest you to look through the essay plan before proceed to choosing one of cause and effect essay topics. If you use this advice you will clearly understand what how you should structure your paper and what information to cove in it.

The essay should consist of:

  1. Introductory part.
  2. Effect No. 1
  3. Effect No. 2
  4. Effect No. 3
  5. Conclusion.

When you choose a cause you have to see several effects it will have on another factor. Let’s say you write about lack of sleep. In your paper you should explain how it will lead to decrease of working capacity during the day, nervousness and more serious medical problems.

If you decide to write about natural catastrophe such as earthquake, you should say it may lead to tsunami in the ocean, mass destructions and deaths.

There is another type of cause and effect paper called domino which is a little bit more complex to compose. Its structure is a bit different from the abovementioned:

  1. Introductory part
  2. Cause and link No.1
  3. Cause and link No. 2
  4. Cause and link No. 3
  5. Cause and link No. 4
  6. Cause and link No. 5
  7. Conclusion

How to choose a winning topic

If you manage to realize the requirements to writing this type of essay it means your essay is as good as done. You will easily make a plan and proceed to writing process.

Keep in mind that the beginning of your essay should be impressive to keep your audience glued to your paper. Please, follow the above tips when choosing cause and effect essay topics:

  • When you selected the factor you want to describe begin with identifying its causes and consequences. For the convenience you may divide a piece of paper into two columns and right down those to have them at hand. You should also right down the related effects of the factor, if any.
  • You should structure your thoughts. You may understand the causes and consequences of the factor but you may find it difficult to sound clear to others.
  • Try choosing current theme based on the interest of your audience. If the topic is selected correctly it will be successful among the reader and cause a lot of discussions. If you are writing for other students think of most discussed topics among your peers.
  • You need inspiration. Even if it is a school assignment it is still an art.

A-level cause and effect essay topics

It may take you a lot of time choosing the topic on your own. We offer you 60 best themes for this type of essay that will impress your readers.

Topics for college tasks

  1. How the community is influenced by non-profit organizations
  2. How polluted water impacts our body
  3. Baby boom in recent years caused a lot of moms earn an early retirement. Is that good?
  4. Does the job market offer jobs for disabled people?
  5. How will poor sanitation affect our living?
  6. How do gadgets effect business development?
  7. Do violent video games are the cause of bad behavior of our youth?
  8. Should the country control level of births?
  9. Why the number of obese children grows rapidly in the USA
  10. What makes young girls go hunger striking?

Topics for middle school tasks

  1. Why do people live in poverty?
  2. How does bullying at schools influence the psychological condition of children?
  3. Why are some artists more popular than others?
  4. What made Twilight saga so popular?
  5. Should there be separate schools for boys and girls?
  6. Why do some students never do their homework?
  7. Why history is considered one of the most boring subjects?
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniforms at school?

Topics for high school tasks

  1. How does shortage of food influence the life on our planet?
  2. Why there is still discrimination among students?
  3. Why do most students want to be popular at school?
  4. Should kids with ADHS attend ordinary schools?
  5. Should there be sexual education at schools?
  6. Should parents be involved in educational process of their kids?

Topics with humor

  1. What will you do if you upload the unwanted photo to your Instagram account?
  2. What about Harry Potter movies made it so crazy popular?
  3. If you can not visit a match you have an option of watching it online.
  4. Do you really need the improved internet connection?
  5. Does it mean you will be popular if you have a lot of subscribers on Facebook?
  6. How to survive low battery in your phone if you don’t have a charger at hand?
  7. Is selling of fun stuff is a guarantee to become a successful business man?

Topics related to history

  1. How did colonization after the world history?
  2. What were the causes and consequences of WWII?
  3. How did slavery affect the development of American nation?
  4. What is the contribution of Roman Empire into promotion of Christianity?
  5. What caused Arab Spring?
  6. Why do Mexicans keep immigrating to the US?
  7. Rise of feminism in 60s and 70s of the last century.

Simple topics

  1. Why sometimes parents can not hold their temper?
  2. Is it possible a popular kid becomes an outsider?
  3. How good is open school campus?
  4. What makes Google most used search engine?
  5. Why some people become shopaholics?
  6. Is there a way to increase popularity of a mobile app instantly?
  7. Why is it important to take vacation in summer?
  8. How does sweet soda influence our body?
  9. What influences children’s behavior?

Topic for last year students

Last year students are usually assigned with more complicated tasks. When it comes to cause and effect essays they are sometimes to write the so called compare essays where they have to compare pros and cons of two or several factors:

  1. Where does the war between vegetarians and non-vegetarians lead?
  2. Which langue to study: Arabic or Chinese?
  3. 3 main approaches to deal with school tasks
  4. How is college different from university?
  5. Which regime is best for the country: democracy or dictatorship?
  6. Main different between two cultures: UK vs. USA
  7. What is the contribution of ancient Rome and Greece to the development of humans?
  8. Battle of great scientists: Newton vs. Einstein -who did a bigger contribution into development of science?

What is your next step

Once the topic is chosen you have to proceed to writing. Make a plan of your essay, conduct a research and make analyzes of the materials you have gone though.

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